Hiking Towards Bloody Terror

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man discovers something horrifying about his girlfriend while they hike through the woods in this free verse poem.

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



Both Mike and Jill were taking

a hike in the woods before he

said, "It sure is better than

staying back at camp to hear

Brad and Lisa go to town on

each other. Is that right? Jill?"


And when he noticed that he

got no answer from Jill, Mike

turned around and saw that

she was gone which made

Mike to start looking for

her in certain parts of the

forest until he came upon

a clearing where he found

Jill's backpack and her

clothes ripped and torn

which made a confused

Mike say to himself,

"What the hell is going

on here? And where's Jill?"


The answer to that second

question had came to Mike

soon enough for he followed

some footprints to a river

where he was shocked to see

Jill in the water naked and

acting like a wild bear trying

to catch a fish for its meal

only to hear Mike ask, "Jill?

why are you acting like that?

Are you okay?", and look at

him with a wild gaze in her

eyes before the sky suddenly

had gone dark above them.


And when the lightning flashed

followed by a thunderous boom,

Mike saw Jill stand up in the

river with glowing red eyes and

fangs and claws growing out of

her mouth and fingers before

a horrifyed Mike said in a soft

voice, "Jill?", and she had let

out such aloud growl before

charging out of the water and

ripping and tearing the poor

guy to a mess of bloody shreds.


That was before Mike had

yelled out the word 'no' at

the top of his lungs and

found himself wide awake

in his own bed just in time

to see Jill step out of the

bathroom after a shower

and ask Mike with the

look of concern in her

eyes, "Are you okay?

You look like you've

watched too many of

those scary movies on

TV.", which made Mike

hug Jill and say with

tears leaking out of

his eyes, "Maybe I have,

Jill. Maybe I have indeed."

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