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This is just a 499 word short story I made for a contest on Wattpad and wanted to share with ya'll.

He left me,

He broke me,

I can't get him out of my head.

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



His kiss remained on my lips, his touch remained on my body, his words remained in my ears. Yet, he wasn't there. The boy that I had loved left me, no goodbye. The thought of anything related to him brought me to tears.

Why did he go? Was I not good enough?

"Dee," his voice used to call, and I so stupidly took it for granted. My soul would give anything to hear it once more, to see the way his lips curled at the sound of it.

Old tales of our love were believed to move mountains, to climb treetops high above the clouds. That is all gone now. My parents used to argue that we were too young to feel this way, that we didn't know what love was just yet. They were wrong. Now that he's off, away from home, my heart feels more in love then ever before.

Silent tears have rolled down my cheeks for too long though... it's been three years. My body just can't seem to forget the way he'd hug me, his head digging into the crook of my neck.

It was perfect, but all good things must come to an end at some point I guess.

He never said where he was going, or when he'd return, all he left me with was a shattered heart. I remember racing to his house that day, after mom and dad told me he'd moved. The sunset was in motion, getting darker as I sprinted on the dirt paths leading to his home. The house was five miles from there, and I ran the whole thing. As the inevitable, everything was gone. The lawn ornaments, to the Avengers sticker I put on his window in fifth grade. The window to his bedroom that was always unlocked, and welcoming, was shut and bolted. I remember the sobs and cries my voice made as I kicked our favorite tree behind his house. My mind wanted it all gone. The house, the tree, the memories...

"Danni," A voice called out to me, adjusting my focus back into reality. My head spun to the sound, which was emitting from Keisha, my study partner.

"Danni, come on, not again. We had finals all next week, lets study."

"Yeah- um sorry... Just lost in thought- let's do this."

"Okay so the square..." Her voice faded out of my ears as a figure walked into the small cafe. He was tall and very masculine, from behind, he looked fairly young, perhaps my age.

Breathing from my lungs stopped as he turned to face me...


Our eyes met, and for a split moment, I chocked on air.

My love...

My body stood up immediately, ignoring Keisha's complaints. My eyes were sucked to him, and spotted his frame striding towards me. With one movement of the arm, my chair was out and I was running to him.

I collapsed into his hold, tears falling down the cheeks.

"I love you, Dee."

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