Fear: The malignant tumour

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Fear is a malignant tumor killing us within but we treat it with Vaseline and therefore awe us by transforming to a primitive cannibal who doesn't spare anyone because we mocked him, making him our
macabre predator.

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



The most silent emotion creeping stealthily behind it's supposedly victim's back, awaiting the best time to strike, he never misses always on target and when the seed is planted he gets a backstage pass to watch the drama unfold

You fidget like a cow about to be slaughtered your heard trying to manufacture the fastest lie but your conscience pleading with you to say the truth but deep inside you know the truth won't save you; you decide to tell a lie unfortunately for you it's so uncoordinated leading you to bigger trouble, the truth is out and as you weep he calls it the best comedy ever as he laughs to is satisfaction.

Fear our deepest thoughts that taunts us with our biggest mistake and our properly buried secrets as he wanders around it giving us that same sensation we felt making our lives a living hell.

The malignant tumor has cancerous as he is eating deep within our souls as we hide and carry the burden alone, unknown to us he is karma personal aide that retrieves the soul of the unpunished and pays him is due in full but a few times he makes exceptions especially for people on the road to repentance.

Karma is a bitch while fear is the dick that sucks her they are always collaborating but while karma feels pain while doing it fear feels alive it's just the same as time and yang.

A burden on our hearts afraid to release because of those we will hurt and the ones that will neglect us most especially the fear of loosing our loved ones keeps the hidden treasure that is sin secretly safeguarded in our hearts.

Sometimes the best way to conquer fear is to accept the challenge and though for a short time it will look as if he has won but at the long run it will all come back to the way it was because there's love and she hates anything coming in between it.

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