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F.D.D's subunit number 22's Liya Snow, Sylvia Phoenix and Emma are all put on a gigantic rollercoaster ride of confusion (metaphorically) when a person from Sylvia's past comes along sparking more
questions than they needed. Just who is Cal and why doesn't Sylvia remember him? Just who are they really and why is Cal so hellbent on helping them? Who is their mysterious boss? And why does it
always seem like everybodies hiding something? *summary may change later*

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Present - April 1st 2130

Submitted: June 02, 2018

Hm... i might actually finish this story this time since my friend is always trying to squeeze pages out of me... she's also written a simular story on Wattpad somewhere. This is also published
there too. Happy reading~!
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Past - July 2nd 2126

Submitted: June 15, 2018

Chapter Two: Past - July 2nd 2026 "All hands on deck!" Came the shout of the young Captain across the ship she was steering. They wer... Read Chapter