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Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



A teenager was with her  mom and dad on the road for a vacation to South Carolina. About a few hours into the trip the family are running low on gas so they stop at a local gas station in a small town in West Virginia. 
The family drove a white Volvo. The dad got out to go pay for the gas because this was a pay first gas station. While my dad was inside the gas station my mom turned to me and said she was going to the bathroom. So I was all alone in the car. 
I had noticed a similar car pull up and a frantic mother and father got out of the car and ran to my window and started pounding on the door. 

"We are your real Mother and father!"

Frantic and confused I said "what?" And I heard a gun shot as who I thought were my actual parents rushing at the two and my mom got in the car and said "Don't listen to them" my dad got back in the car and we started to drive away. 
I looked back as the man and wife who said were my parents were on there knees still at the gas station crying. I didn't know what to think. I looked over to my dad and that's when I saw something terrifying a piece of what looked like a zipper on the back of my dads head. It took all the courage I had to get out of my seat, and unzip the zipper teveling a man who was hiding behind a mask he was bald and screamed at me. 
I watched as who I thought was my mother unzipped her mask as well reveling another bald guy. He tried to reach his hands back for me I dodged and luckily the car was not locked I managed to open the door and did a tuck and roll. I watched as the people pretending to be my parents watched me and didn't realize that there car had swerved to the other lane and hit a on coming  semi truck. They died immediately. I ran back to the gas station, but my real parents were no longer around. 

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