The best dream of my life

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Description of my first dream kiss

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



I still remember when I had the best dream. 

It was the summer of 2003. 

As usual I made my bed before going to sleep. 

I remember having other cool dreams.

I dreamt I was the white ranger. 

I was fighting Goldar and winning. Then once I won I went into another dream.

I was in a circle with other teenagers.

All of a sudden teen girls got in the circle. 

We started playing Spin the Bottle. 

It was the turn of the most beautiful girl. 

The bottle pointed at me. 

I saw her make her way towards me.

Her beautiful face grew closer and closer to mine. 

Soon we were just inches away, her eyes were so pure and her pupils widened as she made contact with mine.

Her gaze was filled with shyness and lust.

She started breathing heavily as our face got closer.

My heart was pumping fast. 

I knew this would be my first kiss. 

As our faces magnetically got closer and closer the time for our lips to lock in with each other was a matter of seconds.

 Then it happened. 

We locked lips and it was magical, it felt so real. I felt the most tender, hairless, and warm lips on mine.

The pressure of her small mouth locking with mine. 

So soft, warm, and moist.

I returned the favor and kissed her back. 

Her shyness vanished and we both kissed each other mutually. 

We locked in a tight and innocent hug. 

Her once fresh skin now was radiating heat trough her clothes.

It almost burned me.

Her breath was so hot as were her lips. 

After that dream I remember waking up inside a barn where they store hay.

To my pleasant surprise as I turned around I saw her again.

She grabbed my hand and we laid in the ground. 

We tenderly cuddled as she and I rolled on top of each other. 

We rolled sideways and hugged as her legs in jeans embraced with mine.

After that I was woken up by my alarm clock.

That summer night I had the best dreams of my entire life.


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