You Are Everything

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To be in control you'll have to know your value.

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



Oh my gosh that's a beautiful sight! That sunshine behind that smile. Those prisms projecting through those eyes showing off that beauty inside. That warm feeling being emitted from the spirit. Those pleasurable moments that now are hanging on the walls. All of this perfection is apart of you. There's no need to apologize for the things that caused people to point the finger at you as if you were wrong. If there is a need for an apology let that come from me as I show you everything that I could have done better to prevent such a terrible storm to cloud over your head. I'm not perfect but that doesn't give me an excuse to show you the qualities a monster would in any situation good or bad. Catch those final tears pouring down your face, and brighten up your smile with the love I possess to pass onto you. There's no need for a thank you. No just show the world you're free to be yourself. Everything you are is what makes you special rather you see it right now or not. There's nothing wrong with you, nor is there anything wrong with me. However, the judgement from others have made you think otherwise. You're not just anything as I'd like to call you mine one day. Youre beautiful which definitely isn't hard to see, I'd rather be hugging you for eternity than living alone. There's no reason I should go off to make excuses for my actions as I can only show you the growth being achieved after those incidents.

Life can be dissected into many ways of viewing it. This can be the most beautiful life you've lived yet, or it could be the most terrible one yet. For your circumstances to determine the quality of your very makeup is complete nonsense as I'll serve as the only sign you'll need to recognize the beauty within yourself. Even greed itself is in search of something much more than just the world. Greed's one true desire didn't lie within control of the world, but rather the desire for a friend. There's no such thing as a "fake" or "true" friend for that only brings confusion to something so simple, yet something so pure which is a partnership with someone who will love you no matter the road travelled.

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