"The Grim Reaper"

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Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



People all around the world have had different expirences, seen I explainable things...paranormal wise. This is a tale of "the Grim Reaper!"

One family were at a funeral one day of a loved family member. Moments after the body was put into the ground, a strange mist came over the air. Many people thought it was because it had just rained and that it was still really cold out, so they thought nothing of it. After the family said there final goodbyes amd walked over to there cars.
 The mother turns and looks at the grave and for a split second she see's a figure emerging from the ground a dark rhobbed figure with what seemed to be a scythe in hand. But what makes this creepier is she swears she saw a whitish figure with the black hooded man. It took her several hours to come to turms withthat she may have seen a grim reaper taking the soul of her recently deceased family member. Perhaps bringing the family member up to heaven or perhaps to hell. One thing is for sure she never was able to get that image out of her head. 

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