Wolfish Sheep

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A poem depicting the horror of animal cruelty

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



Perfect disguise for a sheep

A dark lamb laced with malice

With the consent of a thousand others


Poisonous darts coated with honey

Handgun with a devil’s mind

Harpoons made to spear and tear


The velvet paws floating upon the green carpet

The piercing eyes tracking the prey

Cheshire smile with razor-sharp teeth


Arms lock, fingers tighten

Adrenaline pumps, vision narrows

As dews of blood dwell upon the blades


Shadows flashed past

The smell of iron lingered

Toes scraping the earth

The hunter checked

The fur

The ivory

The fin


Pelts of fur gone into the creation of an imitation

A furry bunny with no life within

Silvery white tusks that are powdered to dust

To create music on those ivory keys

Flattened appendage of a great beast

That cowers in comparison to its reaper

For a magical elixir that is not proven

All but for the greed of men.

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