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Inside the mind of a yandere get ready

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



I have a deep interest in yandere guys,girls and trans. And yes yanderes are real. What makes up a yanderes Arc type are people with APB ( anti personality disorder) or BPD (borderline personality disorder) STPD (schizotypal personality disorder) (ASPD) antisoical personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia also CDPD (co depentent personality disorder) add an unhealthy romance Obsession along with mental instability . having no problem with killing, breaking the law,or getting themselves hurt disregarding the safety of others , is Charming at a moment's notice, never genuinely showing such emotions as guilt or remorse, have an intense fear of being abandoned and frequent displays of inappropriate anger.And lying, there are differnt types of yanderes for not all are equal but ill get to that near the end..

This is how a yandere would be at first when first seeing her/his senpai. Something would awakened in her/him and cause her/him to feel emotions for the first time to comprehend what this would feel like imagine that you've been cold blind and deaf for your entire life and then all at once you suddenly gain the ability to feel warmth see beauty and hear music for the very first time. the senpai's presents would somehow enables her/him to experience the full range experience Sensations that she/him had been missing out on for her/his entire life. The yandere would reach out and instantly becomes addicted to this boy or girl, it wouldn't actually be love as it is more of she or he would need him on a deeper level than she/he would need food, water or breathing. In his or her presence she or he feels alive and in his or her absence she or he feels dead she or he doesn't even understand why this boy or girl is able to make her or him feel things she or he never felt before but she or he knows that she/he wants to enter a lifelong relationship with him/her and keep him/her at her /his side forever losing him/her to another girl or boy would be a death sentence. So she or he would eliminate the rivals by any means necessary.

Imagine being permanently hungry but unable to eat or permanently tired but unable to sleep or permanently thirsty but unable to drink this life-long sensation of having a craving that cannot be fulfilled would prevent her/him from ever truly being happy and would result in a Perpetual state of listlessnes.

now I'm sure you wondering what causes yandere syndrome As i call it. some of these individuals come from homes where they were abused. from stifling families in which children were told to go to Their Room they had to cry, physical and mental abuse ,sexual abuse.and some from normal families that buckled under the stress of an economic or health care crisis and fialed to provide kids with adequare validation and emotional coaching. " the child soes not lean how to understand,lable, regulate or tolerate emotional responses andinstead learns to oscillare between emotional inhibition and extreme emotional lability.

Overall Bad parenting at least thats what it sounds like. in this case the child never learned how to handle emotions. now i need to establish that yanderes may exhibit sadistic traits  but they don't hurt their close companions because it gives them pleasure, its just that they physically express emotions,that can be a really good thing or a really bad thing.

if you were a good partner who took a yandere's insecurities to mind, there are actuall quite a few joys in the trait. without the murderous anger, what remains is a dedicated love and transparent display of exhilatating joy. you are the center of their universe, they think about you every moment of every day.

and let me get this out of the way the whole boxcutter/knife business is not going to happen unless you cheat on or betray them and in some cases you might be just a bit desserving of whats coming.

now lets get down to the traits of some of these disorders that makes the yandere syndrom arctype

1 (ASPD)
1. be able to act witty and charming  at a moments notice 
2. be good at flattery and manipulating other people's emotions
3. break the law repeatedly
4. disregard the safety of self or others
5. lie,steal and fight often
6. not showing guilt or remorse
7.often be angry or arrogant.

2 (BPD)
1 Fear of abandonment 
2 unstable relationships
3 unclear or unstable self image
4 impulsive, self destructive behavior 
5 self harm
6 extreme emotional swings
7 chrionic feeling of emptyness
8 explosive anger
9 feeling suspicious or out of touch with reaility 

1. strange thinking or behavior
2. unusal beliefs 
3. discomfort in social situations
4. a lack of emotion or inappropriate emotional responses 
5. odd speech that may be vague or rambling 
6. a lack of close friends
7. extreme social anxiety
8. paranoia 
9. suicidal thoughts 


1.Disregard for society's laws.

2.Violation of the physical or emotional rights of others.

3.Lack of stability in job and home life.

4.Irritability and aggressiveness.

5.Lack of remorse.

6.Consistent irresponsibility.

7.Recklessness, impulsivity.


paranoid schizophrenia

1.Delusions. Delusions are strongly-held beliefs that are untrue. ...

2..Hallucinations. Hallucinations are sensations of things that you perceive to be real that actually don't exist. ...

3..Disorganized speech. If you have schizophrenia, you may also have disorganized speech. ...

4..Disorganized behavior. ...

5.Negative symptoms. ...

6.Suicidal thoughts


1Low self-esteem.


3Poor boundaries.

4Reactivity. .



7Dysfunctional communication.




11Problems with intimacy.

12Painful emotions

  With all my years of research and also some help from yandere dev with all this research compiled and my own yandere experience when i was 15, I know how to spot a yandere. That being said these are what you'd call the different variants of yandere types. Clingy Type Yandere: These yanderes as you can tell by the name are clingy. And by clingy I mean super clingy. They can always be found right next the person of their affection and rarely never leave their side. They are usually close to their love interest and they tend to be the most childish out of all the yanderes. They are fine by just being by the side of their love interest but if someone comes and tries to take that spot away their yandere feelings awaken.

Stalker Type Yandere: These types of yanderes usually never get a chance to win their love interest's affection. They watch at the side lines and admire their love interest from a far. They are usually the minor characters in a piece of work and sometimes end up sabotaging their love interest's life in the background. They could at the end of a series be revealed to be the mastermind for the main character's misfortune. They tend to be the "creepy" type.

Obsessive Type Yandere: These types of yanderes admire their love interest almost as if they were a piece of artwork. They love every single feature of their love interest and would just love to place them like a mannequin in their room. They are similar to the stalker type in a way but not exactly since they usually make contact with their love interest. If someone begins to dirty their perfect picture frame they will take action.

Possessive Type Yandere: These yanderes would like to own their love interest. Literally own them. They treat their love interest as their favorite dolls that they always keep with them. They absolutely can't stand the idea of anyone touching or even making eye contact with their "property". These yanderes are at the extreme end of the spectrum. They are the ones that make their love interest stay at home and forbid them from going outside. They tend to use force to get what they want.

Manipulative Type Yandere: These yanderes as their name suggest control the person of their affection. Their love interest might actually love them already or that is what they make them believe. They manipulate their love interest in any way, shape or form. They would be the one to purposely put their love interest in danger in order to save them and make their love interest depend on them. Once they notice their love interest start to fall for them they will use the push and pull method or even be with another person to make their love interest jealous. They will not be satisfied until they feel that their love interest wants to monopolize them as much as the yandere wants to.

Overprotective Type Yandere: These yanderes are usually close to their love interest. They might not realize themselves that they are yandere because they think of their actions as just being protective, not overprotective. They love having their love interest depend on them and might keep them at their side under the excuse that they are protecting them. Like the clingy type they are okay with just being by the person of their affection but if they feel like their love interest will get "hurt" in any way they will cross the border and become more than just overprotective.

Sadistic Type Yandere: These yanderes have a strong desire to "break" their love interest. As the name suggests they are sadistic in nature and have a fixation on corrupting or damaging their "pure/perfect" love interest. These types cause physical harm to their love interest because in their heads it's their way of showing affection.

*Notice: All types of yanderes are capable of killing for their love interest. The Stalker and the Possessive types are the ones that are most capable of killing their love interest.* just remember all yanderes come in differnt fourms. how ever the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they are master manipulators,very smart and will stop at nothing to get the one they love also will do any and everything to keep them happy and safe.

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