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We all have low moments in life ...this conveys true feelings

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



Darkness descends the sky,

The deadly silence is broken by

the cicada's cry,

My heart is broken,

My life has become a depression token,

My thoughts have been in a wormhole,

Sucking the strength out of me to the very core,

My surroundings feel a blur to me,

Only the moon's bright reflection I could see,

I know my chest is burning,

Constantly telling me stop my yearning,

Of a reward,greater than life,

One which end my strife,

The fishes around see me as a stranger,

Knowing my remnants were going to be their meal,

I was no danger,

Bubble rise and pop,

As my breath is dying and I'm suppressing a sob,

I become numb thinking the painkiller to my pain awaits,

The sweet pill of death is my new mate,

But instead I m thrown into a dungeon of darkness,

Unable to escape life and it's cruelness,

I open my eyes, realising it was a dream,

A dream , so surreal, that I started to weep,

Hopes were in my heart that I finally escaped the prison of life,

But hear, I was seized inside my own thoughts in my mind...

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