The Glow of You

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About life.

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018




When we all are born, we come with a glow,

A bright spark of light that rests in our soul,

But this light is not one that we can freely show,

Because if we do we are left less whole.


Throughout our lives we must carefully choose,

The few that we expose our whole selves to,

Some take a chance, they’ve got nothing to lose,

Others keep hidden, and let nobody through.


Some care too much, give all that they’ve got,

Some take others for granted just to glow brighter,

Some regret giving, wishing they had not,

Some remain wishing; their pains never lighter.


Look all around, see the glow of your peers?

Are they bright and fluorescent, or small and dim?

Does the light escape through each of their tears?

Can you see your reflection in them?


When it goes dark, when the glow has diminished,

When there’s no longer light inside of your soul,

It’s the end of a life that has yet to be finished,

A price to be paid, earths living toll.


Young or old, healthy or sick,

Time runs out, it has a limit,

We all are living on a burning out wick,

So, take life in your grip, it’s worth it to live it.

Smile each day like you’re living your last,

Show care and respect for those you don’t know,

Embrace yourself, your future, present and past,

Be proud of your life, be proud of your glow.


And, finally, give, give all that you can,

Love, friendship, and your wisdom, too,

It’s who you’re meant to be since your life began,

Cause there’s nothing more powerful than the glow of you.

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