The Perfect Monster

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An exploration of the human mind with a Sci-fi twist. Inspired by the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



The Perfect Monster

Becoming perfect is everyone's taboo dream. We all say we aren't perfect, but do we not desire perfection? We want a perfect life, a perfect home, a perfect family, a perfect body, and even a perfect car. We all know perfection is an impossible dream, but what happens when one man seeks it, despite everyone's warning? No man could ever achieve perfection in one lifetime, but what happens if someone lives indefinitely, be it one lifetime or many? Would the results scare us more than they would excite us? Would the man seeking perfection become nothing more than a monster, us hating what the man had became? Enter tonight's story: The Perfect Monster.

Adam sat there, pouring over all sorts of books, ones that many have never seen before. He had lost everything, and sought to take back what was stolen from him. People had insulted him, told him was crazy, and said his dreams would only ever remain fantasy.

“You’ll never achieve your goals, Adam! You could be God himself and still fail!”

They had taunted him at the labs, saying his labor would be seen as nothing more than endurance tests, at best. Adam didn't care. He lost all of the ones he loved. The books that he was looking through bore names like “The Book Of Shadows,” “The Book Of The Dead,” “The Secret Lives Of The Necromancers,” and even his torn up copy of none other than the Bible. Adam didn't know what to think about anything he read. None of the spells that he read could bring anyone he loved back. Then, it came to him. If he could become like God, then he could bring back what the God stole from him. Adam decided he must become perfect.

Later on, in the evening, Adam was still deep in his studies. He heard a sound at the door of his small studio apartment, and he went to investigate. He peeped through the hole in his door that was in desperate need of repair, and saw nothing. He then opened the door, and felt something. Nothing that he could see, but instead, felt. Adam believed that his long hours of study had made his mind start to play tricks on him. He decided to go to sleep, not waking up until the clock read nine A.M.

When Adam awoke, he noticed that his body felt different. It reacted to what was around him, and his senses had sharpened. He looked out the window, and shunned the light. His research must have paid off. He felt proud, but was unable to stop his studies. As he engaged further into his books, he understood more, he came to more rational conclusions, and processed everything much quicker. It was amazing to him, it really was.

Later on, he heard a hard knock at his door. This time, two men were out there, dressed all in black, dark sunglasses, suits, and even hats. He opened the door, and the taller of the two asked,

“What did you see last night?”

Adam was befuddled. He answered,

“I saw nothing.”

The other man, a muscular blonde, asked,

“You didn't see the light in the sky?”

Adam shook his head, and the taller of the two men, said, in a menacing tone,

“You didn't see it, and you didn't see us.”

They left, after demonstrating an act that could only be seen as flexing muscle. When Adam realized they had left, a voice said, calling out from his living room,

“Thank you.”

It was a woman. She stood no more than five foot five, and shimmered in the light. Adam thought,

“How'd she get in?”

The woman had dark hair, appeared to be in her mid-thirties, but the oddest part was that her clothes were only black and white. No color was in her eyes, and she had a dead look about her. Adam asked,

“Why are you here?”

She laughed, her voice girlish for her age. She said,

“You made me. You are my creator.”

Adam was confused. How could this be? After a brief moment, others from his past entered the room. They were alive. Was Adam now what he longed to be, with only a mere wish. Adam thought hard, and then remembered the night before. The sound at the door, and the way he felt. Had something entered his home? Was that what the men in black were asking about?

Adam sat down at his table, and the woman he had first met asked him,

“Do you remember me?”

Adam shook his head, and she said,

“I’m what you wanted. You are now perfect.”

Many months past, and Adam and his revived friends locked themselves away from the world. Adam couldn't do anything wrong. He felt as if he was in heaven, as if he was God. When he had finally returned to his lab where he worked, he presented his new research to his supervisor. His supervisor, Matt, widened his eyes as he read what Adam had wrote. Adam asked, himself beaming with glee,

“Isn’t it great?”

Matt, fuming with jealousy, answered,

“No, it's horrible! No one would ever use this!”

Adam was confused. He said, protesting,

“It is what people have been looking for!”

Matt shook his head, and said,

“Perfection is impossible. It's against science.”

Adam went home early that day, and never returned to the lab. He had drawn up a book about his theory, and a publishing house had bought the idea. It wasn't before long that Adam was on television, being the talk of the world. His theory made people not believe in God. People loved him, and many people hated him. He had became a monster, with greed and lust ruling over his soul. Adam had became perfect, all because of the little person that he didn't breathe a word to anyone about. All because an alien woman had given him what he needed to accomplish his goals. Ariana, the visitor from the Acturian home world, served him and all of his desires without fail.

As Adam grew older, his time drew near. His body was not perfect. He had no one besides Ariana at his side in his beautiful Beverly Hills mansion. As Adam was lying on his death bed, Ariana asked,

“What’s more important? Perfection or your life?”

Adam, gasping his last breath, said,


Adam woke up on his desk. He was still young, and Ariana was gone. Adam threw his books off the table, and laughed. He said,

“What a dream. I was perfect...a perfect monster, that is.”

Adam’s life continued, and he never made money, he never became famous, but one day married a woman named Adriana, who mysteriously looked like the woman from his wild dream that he had several years ago. As time passed, Adriana laughed, and said,

“You’re perfect just the way you are.”

Adam was disturbed by those words. As more years passed, he didn't age one bit, but never was perfect. Adriana had done something to him, and he forsaked the light. He didn't ever have money, he didn't ever have friends, but he had her, and dang it, what's perfection if it causes the whole world to hate you? Adriana would leave each night, and let him kiss her when she had gotten back. He never questioned where she went, and never asked what she did to him. This is the true state of perfection, never changing, and always happy. It's funny how we see perfection in different ways. What good is perfection if you aren't happy? What good is it if you die having not a friend in the world? Adriana was indeed the woman from his dreams, an alien vampire, who had taught him the most valuable lesson, and gave him the greatest gift, that not being his immortal body, but a lesson in humility and true love. He didn't tell anyone about her. He often thought his dream, years ago, was reality. There's something to be asked, though. How can true perfection be a reality? It's clear to him now what is, a perfect monster. Monsters don't worry about this world. Their world cannot be better, as it is dark and dreary all the time. Perfection is nothing more than a state of stasis. It is being frozen, not moving forward, and being stuck in a state of perpetual bliss. If heaven is indeed a lie, then let Adam's life be a lie. For those of you who are able to believe in this far-fetched tale and believe it is something more than the fabrication of a man's over-active imagination, then you need to ask yourself something. Do you want to go to heaven? Do you want to be living in a lie? Adam debated all these things before he realized that happiness is everything, whether your perfect or not. Discard your ideas of perfection. None of it matters if you aren't happy forever.

© Copyright 2018 Bryan Varner. All rights reserved.

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