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A children's story written in verse. Chapter 2 of the Animal Antics series... Drew The Hero

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018





One bright and sunny spring morning,

The sleepy pets woke up yawning.

“Come on, its time to get out of your beds,”

Shona, ordered the sleepy heads.

“There’s a lot to do,” she said, turning to Drew,

“I’ve some exciting news for you.

Your hutch is shabby, in need of repair

So I’ve bought a new one for you to share,

With a lop-eared bunny whose coming to stay,

While her owners go away on holiday.

I ‘m sure you’ll both get along just fine,

So come on, time to rise and shine.

I need to move you without delay,

Because Ivy is due to arrive today.


Drew was not a happy bunny,

He had a bad feeling in his tummy.

He didn’t like change, all that much

And was happy to stay in his tired, old hutch.

“It’s just not fair, I like my own place,

And I don’t want Ivy invading my space.”

“But your new hutch has room for two.”

Said Shona, who tried to reason with Drew.

“We must love all creatures great and small,

So please, stop looking so forlorn.

Shona showed Drew his fine new hutch.

 “Hop in,” she said, “and take a look.

He hopped around from room to room. 

“Hey, this is really great,” he boomed.


But still he refused to welcome his guest,

Despite her pleas and continued requests.

“Sharing is not what I want to do,

So why waste your time keep asking me to.

You won’t change my mind, whatever you say,

Just leave me alone to eat my hay.”

Clover and Ted were curious to see,

Drew’s new home… the luxury hutchery.

Nosy Ted, in his attempt to see more,

Stuck his head through the open door.

“Why are you being so awkward and hateful?

“If it was my new home, I’d be ever so grateful.”

Shona didn’t know what to do,

Because Ivy was due to arrive at two.


She pleaded with Drew to no effect,

And wondered what would happen next.

She had given her promise to Ivy’s owners

And could not let them down, at short notice.

At the stroke of two, Ivy arrived as planned,

And Shona led her up to meet the clan.

“This is Ted the pony,” she said, with pride.

“Oh dear,” said Ivy. “He does look tired.”

“And over by the barn, it’s Clover the goat.”

“Dear me, just look at the state of her coat.”

“And this is your hutch-mate, his name is Drew.”

“Oh no… do I really have to share with you?

I take it you’ve never heard of me,

I’m Ivy Dobson, the celebrity.”


“After winning the lop-eared category,

I won best-in-show at Coventry.

I'm sure we can all become good friends,

Just as long as you're able to meet my demands.

I need a constant supply of pure spring water,

To keep my coat in perfect order.

A room to myself with lots of straw,

And my five-a-day, which must be raw.

I have to take a daily shower,

And blow dry my coat with my special hair dryer.

I also need lots of beauty sleep,

So please ‘do not disturb’ when I am asleep.

I ‘m sure this is not too much to ask,

So can we agree, on these small tasks?”


“Well!” bleated Clover. “What shall we do? 

She needs to come down a peg or two.”

“Drew will be so unhappy,” Said Ted.  

“She really does have a very big head.”

But Drew was busy cleaning his hutch,

So it was clean and tidy for his guest.

“Ivy can use my bedroom,” he said.  

“It’s the least I can do, to give up my bed.”

Ted and Clover were quite confused,

“You’ve changed your mind,” they both argued.

She will need someone to take care of her,

So I have volunteered to do my share.

We must love all creatures great and small,

I really don’t mind, in fact, not at all.”


Ted and Clover could not understand,

Drew’s unexpected change of mind.

They both thought Ivy was horribly rude,

And expected him to share their view.

But when Drew looked at Ivy his eyes glazed over.

“I think he fancies her,” said Ted to Clover.

Do this, do that, Ivy demanded of Drew,

And he did everything she asked him to.

At her command, off he would scurry,

Just like an adoring puppy!

After giving Shona so much grief,

She sighed and smiled with great relief.


Meanwhile, a sly old fox fancied rabbit for tea,

And stopped in his tracks when he spotted Ivy.

“She looks tasty,” he said to himself. 

I’ll come back tonight and help myself.

“Ha Ha, said the fox, I’ll have a feast. 

I’ll be back later, warned the sly old beast.”

Ted and Clover had spotted the fox,

And warned Drew to carefully fasten the locks.

“Foxes come back at night to kill,

So you will need to keep a constant vigil.”

That night after Shona had said good night,

Drew made sure the bolt was shut tight.

He lay for a while listening intently,

For the fox who prowled ever so silently.


But his heavy eyelids, began to close,

And eventually he began to doze.

Round and round prowled the sly old fox,

And with his paw, eased the bolt across.

Suddenly, Drew heard a piercing scream,

Waking him out of a vivid dream.

The fox was poised, ready to attack,

But Drew threw himself, onto its back.

“Take that,” he said, with a mighty kick, 

 Then chased him off, with a great big stick.

The fox sped off as fast as he could,

With Ted and Clover in hot pursuit.

For once, Ivy looked a terrible sight,

Shaking all over, with sheer fright.


“You have saved my life, I owe you so much.

 I really can’t thank you enough.

You’re courageous and brave, a friend so true

 And I know I’ve been so unkind to you.

You’re all so nice and I have learned a lesson,

There’s more to life than glamour and fashion.

True friendship can be so hard to find,

But now that I’ve found it, can’t leave it behind.”

So Ivy’s short stay with the pets as friends,

Never ever came to an end.

She stayed on with Shona, her new owner,

Leaving her life of glamour behind her.

When Drew asked Ivy to be his wife,

Her eyes filled with tears of pure delight.

© Copyright 2018 Sue Harris. All rights reserved.

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