Musical Trip

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Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018




The crowd squeezes onto the train from the platform. Shouts, yells, arguments-- Ron was used to it all. He somehow made it on the train and more impressively, he had gotten a seat! He sheepishly looked down and waited for the dust to settle. A pregnant lady manages to wrestle into an empty spot in front of him. Ron raises his head and accidentally makes eye contact with the woman. She probably wants to sit he thought. I'm pretty tired from that workout though... should I? Ron shut that thought out and decided to take a nap. The woman glared at Ron and he felt a hole being burned in him.

"... hope you... a very bad... curse...!"

Ron made out a couple words that the woman murmured. He looked up at the lady in a disrespectful manner, turned up the volume of the song he was listening to, and shut his eyes again.

"This is: 5th Avenue Bryant Park"

"This is: Grand Central 42nd Street"

"This is: Vernon Boulevard Jackson Avenue"

"This is: Hunters Point Avenue"

As the vehicle emerged from the tunnel, Ron suddenly started to sweat. The cold droplets sent chills down his spine. He felt queasy and there was butterflies in his stomach- yes he was definitely sick! SHOUTS AND SCREAMS! WHAT'S GOING ON?!  Ron thought as he opened his eyes. There was chaos! Everyone was either staring or getting as far as possible from him--everyone but the woman. Ron looked at his hands. He was disintegrating!


Ron got up and attempted to run. He saw the pregnant lady calmly take his seat as he pulled the emergency brake and started banging and kicking the train doors thinking that it would open. Suddenly, there was a sharp twist in his stomach. Something was pulling his head, arms, and legs into the center of his body. He grabbed onto the pole for dear life.


Ron slowly let go of the pole as he felt his body become limp. His eyes closed and his body began to drop.


His body landed onto a soft surface. His eyes opened a bit and he saw nothing but a grim sky. He was able to move his fingers a bit and felt something grainy underneath him. Is this... a beach? It was so dark that he couldn't tell at all. Ron, who was absolutely exhausted, had no choice but to close his eyes and go to sleep.

pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter

Ron was awakened by the thunder in the distance. He slowly sat up and saw clouds building before his eyes. The sky reminded him of something but he couldn't focus on that at the moment. The rain seemed to have just began and it didn't look good for him at all. The water and the  questions of his whereabouts started to build up. How long is this going to last? Where am I? Am I dead? Ron looked behind him and saw nothing but a vast- semi dry landscape. This is strange... it's sloped upward! I wonder why? All the while, the rain continued to get faster and Ron looked back to what was in front of him. I'm definitely going to drown if I don't get a move on!

 Ron weakly heaved his body up and began to jog. He was tired and that nap on the sand didn't help him at all. The thunder was what kept him alert and his adrenaline was what kept him from giving up. Minutes passed by as the rain just got stronger- forcing Ron to speed up his weary body.

The adrenaline was starting to wear out and Ron was just about to reach his breaking point. He recalled his parent's advice. They always suggested  him to look at the positives in life and be optimistic. Better to have a glass half full huh? Well I'm definitely glad it wasn't leg day!

Ron tried to take his mind off things and think of things from back then. However, in his tired state, he couldn't help but be kept in the now. I KNEW IT! Ron had an epiphany. It was the lady! She put me here! Rage and resentment clouded every single thought. WHY DID SHE DO THIS?! I HATE HER!!


He couldn't bottle up the rage.



The thunder shook the whole world. Ron was sent flying- face first onto the floor.

Mumble mumble...

Rumble rumble...


Ron opened his eyes and instinctively raised his hands to feel his face- throwing something onto the floor during the process. How the hell??? His clothes were dry, he wasn't tired at all, and his face didn't hurt from the fall.

"Excuse me, you seem to have dropped this."

A good Samaritan handed his phone back to him.

"...Thank you."

Ron looked at the phone in confusion and checked the time: 9:32. Current song: "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons. The cover art displayed a gloomy sky-- THE gloomy sky.

"No more... no more damn steroids."


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