The Cycle

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Josephine learns her father has been arrested. now she must talk to him about his alcohol problem.

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



Amber Foster was sitting on a picnic table with a concerned look on her face. The next door neighbor Naomi Stevens saw her sitting on the picnic table as she was taking trash out. “Something wrong Sweet Pea?” asked Naomi from the other side of the white picket fence. “We haven’t set a date yet but in the near future me and my step sister are going to get married, but there is a little problem. I don’t know how to dance and I don’t know anyone who teach me,” said Amber. “I used to teach dance,” Said Naomi. “Would you teach me some slow and fast dance moves? I promise I will pay attention,” said Amber. “Of course I will. Come on over,” said Naomi.


Josephine Hart entered Amber’s bedroom carrying a basket of laundry that had just come out of the clothes dryer. She sat the basket on the bed and began to neatly fold the clothes. As she was folding the clothes she noticed a magazine with a page marked by a piece of paper sitting on Amber’s night stand. Josephine’s curiosity got the best of her. She picked the magazine up, sat down on the bed,and turned to the page Amber had marked with a piece of paper. “Oh my gosh this is the wedding dress Amber thinks I should wear at my wedding” said Josephine to herself as she read the name that was on the piece of paper and looked at the picture in the magazine. “It is a beautiful dress,” thought Josephine.


Josephine heard someone coming. “Oh crap,” said Joey to herself as she quickly put the magazine back on Amber’s night stand. “Is everything ok?” asked Karen Foster, Josephine’s mother standing just outside of Amber bedroom. “Yes,” said Josephine nervously. “You are not bothering Amber’s stuff are you?” asked Karen. “Oh no, I was folding clothes and got an important text message,” said Josephine. “I was just sitting here reading the message. Yeah,just reading the message,” continued Josephine nervously. Karen knew Josephine was telling a made up story but didn’t say another word.


Josephine walked into her bedroom and started putting up her laundry. She was hanging up her last shirt when her cell phone rang. After the phone conversation she angrily stormed out of her bedroom.


Josephine entered Interrogation Room Number One at the Piney Point Police Department. “Well, well, well,” said Josephine. “I am sorry princess,” said Alan. “Don’t give me that I am sorry bull shit,” shouted Josephine. “You tried to convince me that you had change and you almost had me believing your crap. You have not changed. You are still and always be a pathetic drunk. Once a sot is always a sot and I hate you! I hate you” shouted Josephine at the top of her lungs. She stormed angrily out of the interrogation room.


“Ma’am, I can’t let you leave,” said Officer Wiggins following Josephine. “Just great, I am fixing to get arrested,” said Josephine as she stopped and waited on officer Wiggins. “Come with me ma’am,” said Officer Wiggins leading her to interrogation Room Number Two.


“Have a seat Ms. Hart,” said Officer Wiggins. Josephine sat down and looked like she was fixing to start crying. “I am not going to talk to you as a cop but as a friend,” said Officer Wiggins  sitting his badge on the table. “I have been a police officer with the Piney Point for 13 years and I have seen alcohol abuse become a continuous cycle. Hatred and anger will never break the cycle it will only make it worse,” said officer Wiggins. Josephine started thinking about what she had said to Alan and what Officer wiggins had just told her. “I know it is probably too late, but is there anyway I can talk to my dad again?” asked Josephine. ‘It’s never too late, just give me a few minutes,’ said Officer Wiggins leaving josephine in the interrogation room.


Officer Wiggins returned to Interrogation Room Two with Alan Hart in handcuffs. “Have a seat Mr. Hart,” said Officer Wiggins.


“Oh daddy, I don’t hate you. I hate what you become when you are drunk. When you are sober you are a person that any girl would be proud to call their daddy. But when you are drunk, you are mean, abusive, and I wish you were in jail rotting away,” said Josephine pausing. “Officer Wiggins told me that alcohol abuse sometimes turns into a continuous cycle and that is what happened here. I want to break this cycle and you be my daddy again. That way we can continue rebuilding our daughter/father relationship,” said Josephine pausing to wipe the tears rolling down her cheek. “I don’t how princess. I went through rehab but it didn’t help,” said Alan. “”It didn’t help last time because you did not have a reason. This time you have one. Walking your baby girl down the aisle on her wedding day,” said Josephine hugging Alan.


Josephine was sitting on her bed looking through a photo album. Amber came into her bedroom. ‘Joey, hurry up and put on tight jeans, boots, and a revealing top,” said Amber. “What is going on?”asked Josephine with a confused look on her face. “No time for questions, hurry up,” exclaimed Amber with excitement.


Amber and Josephine entered Wild Bills. “What are we doing here?” asked Josephine. “You will see,”said Amber with a smile on her face. “That’s what I was waiting for,” said Amber as the band began to perform. She went out on the floor and started dancing. “Holy Crap, she can dance,” said josephine as she watch Amber on the dance floor. “Come on Joey,” exclaimed Amber  with excitement when the band finished the first song and was fixing to play another song. Josephine went out on the dance floor with Amber. They danced to the song “Fake Id”.


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