The Whole Victor Von Frankenstein Bit

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A man wakes up and finds himself inside the body of his high school sweetie in this eight stanza nonet poem.

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



Mike woke up and felt that something was

different about him which made

that guy get out of bed and

go into the bathroom

and let out a loud

scream because he

saw someone




That someone else happens to be his

old high school sweetie Kimberly

just before another old

flame walked into the room,

placed her hands on Mike's

belly and said,

"You have such

a hot



That made Mike turn around and see his

old college roommate Mary stand

in front of him with a white

lab coat on which made Mike

grab a hold of her

neck and growled, "Give

me a good




"I did what I've done to to save your life!",

said Mary before Mike released

his grip and allowed her to

add, "After some thugs had

shot you in the gut

and left you for

dead, they were

seen by



"And that's when one of those goons had shot

poor Kimmie dead in the old brain

box. Right?", was what Mike had asked

Mary before she took

a deep breath and said,

"And after they

left, I brought

you two



"Where you had pulled the whole Victor Von

Frankenstein bit on us. Is that

it?", asked Mike before Mary

nodded and said, "I've got

to admit that I

had not felt like

doing that

schtick at



"What happened to my original

body?", asked Mike before Mary

picked up an ashtray and showed

its contents to Mike which

made him roll his eyes

and say, "Just great!

So, what should

I do



"I really don't know, Mike. But don't

worry. I'll think of something.", said

Mary while she gave Mike a

big hug and looked at her

reflection in the

mirror like she

was saying,

"Let's hope


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