A Tragedy

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Following in the trend of constant mass devastation worldwide, we all share in the similar feelings of hopelessness. This poem is a reflection of those feelings.

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



There's been a tragedy

And the whole world has seemed to stop

To listen and to grieve for others,

To feel pity upon one another;

Mothers and brothers of the victims weep


And the pain runs through me deep.

So I hold my loved ones close;

Hold and cry and hug and try

To see some light over the horizon

And to hope for someone, somewhere

To pull some mystical plug


To put a stop to all this suffering.


But then there was another tragedy.

Some lone wolf villain who took a gun

And fired into a group of unsuspecting men

And the nation asked us: "Why did this happen?"

"How could we have let this happen again?"


And I couldn't wrap my mind around it then

Of why someone would do such a thing?

And so I postulated and pondered,

And paced and wandered about,

Wondering what secret key

Fit into this locked mystery


But that's someone else's job to figure out.


I open the news: another tragedy

That's the third one this month.

The victims' bodies contorted and mangled

And some footage of a shooter shot at different angles

Spangle and spatter the screen.


And I feel pity for every scream

And for every member deceased or living,

Who survived or who died,

And the people connected to them.

It hurts to know the details 

And I long for a change—


Rather, I wish for it to just fade.


Hey look: another tragedy!

That's the fifth one this week.

Here's the gun that killed a crowd,

Here's his followers feeling proud,

Loud, two sides yell with voices shrilling:


"Ban the guns that've caused these killings!"

Or "Arm more men to protect the lot!"

They fight and yell with proof in hand,

"Look what this gun has done to this boy,

This mother's son!" "But look again,

See, this gun here saved another one!"


They scream over dead bodies.


Another tragedy has struck

And the shock doesn't hurt as much.

It's really just the same the last:

Some death, some coverage, then it's passed

Cast back into a sea of dated events.


I can't stop what I can't prevent

And I can't find the pity I lack 

Because even mountains erode 

Over years of attack after attack

And I don't really want that

But what can I do to stop it?


Is there really anything I can do?


And now here we are:

The latest tragedy of the day,

Playing between sports coverage

And other happy things displayed

Between things I want to see

But the news comes up and I look away

And say, "Not this again!"

"I don't want to see this again."


So I avoid the news at this point,

That's just for "activists" to crack.

One man's death is another's exploit.

Fixing the problem after the fact

Instead of looking for a root cause.

I bet it's something to do with hate culture

Or gun culture or goth culture or gaming culture

Or some arbitrary group I can point my finger at.


Or maybe it's my fault or your fault

Or a country's fault or a factory's fault

Or just that gunman's fault

Or even the victim's fault, I guess?

I don't know! I don't even know who does.


I want to know, I want to know

But I don't know if there's an answer to know

If it's even that simple to guess

To try to stop a wave of tragedies from flooding

But maybe the real tragedy at hand

Is the fact that no one still understands.


It's kind of like watching re-runs at this point,

Of the same, old, tired show

With the same plot evolution,

The same conflict distribution,

With only a single substitution.

They all share the same rising action and climax


But never feature a resolution.


© Copyright 2019 Franklin Rayeski. All rights reserved.

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