"The crawlspace stairwell"

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Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



"The staircase"

On a mid summer day in July my family had just bought a new house one that would be a lot closer for my dads job. He just got promoted. We arrived at our new house around 8 in the evening. 
I helped unpack the car and picked out which bedroom I wanted and after that I went to bed. I had woken up at about three am to a Taping sound coming from my bedroom. I had not yet unpacked any of the boxes so most of my bedroom and house have been unexplored. 
Anyhow I got out of my bed and walked towards where the sound was coming from. To my surprise I had a crawl space on my wall attached to a door knob. I took a couple deep breaths and grabbed ahold of the knob and opened the door. Inside the crawl space was a small staircase. 
Half tempted to call my dad I started to walk up the steps. And when I got to the last step I jumped back as there was two sleeping bags on the floor surrounded by a couple cans of soup and other canned food but I noticed something absolutely horrifying on one of the sleeping bags there was a man in the bag asleep. I made my way back down to my room shut the crawl space.
 I ran to my parents bedroom to tel them what I saw. My mom said I had a over active imaganiation and I was just seeing things. I told her I was not. My dad got up and followed me to my room I showed him the crawlspace. He was surprised and walked up the staircase and to both our horror the man was not in the sleeping bag anymore. 
Just then I heard a scream coming from my moms room and the power went out in the house. It came back on. but the man approached us and said 

"Get out of my House" 

I froze. My dad yelled back at the man. The man had then gotten scared and ran out of the house and we have never seen the man again since. 

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