She is the best thing that has ever happened to me

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She is my moon

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



Her skin is fresh, moist, flawless, feminine.

Its why I am amazed by how that same skin can transform into the other opposite.

When she is aroused her skin is a volcano, radiating immense heat. 

That is why I tremble when she approaches me. 

When she hugs me and kisses me I become unstable yet relaxed.

Her skin almost burns mine and I love it.

It means she is attracted to me as I am to her.

Her lips are my weakness, so small, hairless, so natural, soft and provocative.

Every time she kisses me I feel that tender heat on my lips.

As the kiss becomes more passionate the tender heat becomes a eruption of pleasure. 

I love how she starts to breath heavily and as she hugs me tightly to her scorching skin.

Her heavy breathing turns to soft, sensual moans.

Her soft moans completely hipnotice me.

I feel like a nuclear reactor aproaching meltdown.

She knows that she can give herself to me. She knows I am not afraid of her sun-like heat. 

All of her entire silhouette is dream-like. Veiny and long slender neck.

Dreamy eyes, lusty and so transparent.

Yet also pure and innocent, with a single gaze from her eyes and hug from me our volcano heat cools down to the most gentle breeze.

Her touch helps my inner beast become tamed, with her kind gaze and tender caresses.

Her kisses makes me go into the insanity but they also give me peace, they give me life and can morph me into biomorphogenesis humanoid. (Power Ranger). 

I experience the sensation of being high in the clouds but also laying down in a trampoline in the middle of a savanna in the night sky looking at the galaxies as we cuddle together. 

If you experience the above symptoms then you found your life partner.

And like her, your life partner is the best thing that has ever happened to you.


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