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India harbours some of the most mystic and ancient civilizations of the world. Modern times our country is synonymous with progress but yet still has a dark side. This article sheds a light on the
current ground situation.

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



India is a land of convergence of different cultures and languages. We, Indians our progressing rapidly as a society and as an individual.But nothing is perfect. "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Foreigners see India as the land of ancient mystics, a livid and colourful country. They also see the poverty and callous acts of the citizen . But India is changing.

Modern times have seen rise and downfall of many governments . With the BJP coming into power with its catchy slogan"Achhe din" meaning good days for the people has established India on a global platform, with the PM getting together many crucial allies, still there is a loophole which exists in the system. Even today, poverty is on a rise. There are people who cannot afford a proper 3 time meal. Unemployment is there and due to high inflation prices, it's either the farmers or the common people who are thinking of suicide. And petrol seems more valuable than gold with prices rocketing sky high and relief from the government comes in form of a mere penny. Bridges are falling not due to natural calamities but due to human ones, killing hundreds of innocent people. The government can make a squad to keep roadside Romeo's away from girls and desperate boyfriends away from their sweethearts but what happens when a 8yr old gets brutally harassed inside a temple?? I truly say we as females DO NOT DEMAND ANY RESERVATION BUT OUR RIGHT TO LIVE FREELY IN THIS NATION.

Where are our laws then? Reservations in jobs still exists, the general quota suffers, all is for votes. I don't say reservation should be removed completely, if it is, then those who are innocent will suffer, but to an extent it should be curbed so everyone gets equal opportunity. And this Indian society. Which still regards girls roaming at night as fundamentally evil, boys showing emotions as cowards and freedom to speech as a weapon to say anything whether it is logical or not . Swachhta Abhiyan , a noble initiative, is just now left for people who wanted to upload pics on social media and garner likes for their social service.And to say , Mukesh Ambani is not the richest indian anymore..It's Nirav Modi!! Who went away with 11000crore robbing each indian of approx ?800 . But India too has a positive side. We have established India has a growing world power. People are developing a progressive mindset . They are learning from their past mistakes. Technology and science are making the youth more passionate towards achieving greater success. ISRO has made Indians proud in space. Our armed forces are keeping us safe with their advanced tech and dazzling hearts. Indians are accepting the norms of this modern world gradually and growing forward to become a better human being. I'm sure one day this second world country will command power throughout the world.

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