A Role Model

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An Icon to me is a Gospel musician who came to perform at my area on my birthday. He is a person I looked up to since growing up. This is the person I listened to his music and see him prosper in
all he does. Dumi Mkokstad

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



A Role model


How did I get to a place where knowing you was a dream?

Life you lived being the best, and things you did being phenomenal?

What did you do better to be the person you are?

I mean to eyes of many you are an icon if not an idol.


Your humbleness and humility really give us optimism;

Hope that tomorrow will be better than today,

Your life might be having challenges however to me,

You are remarkable at the place you are.

I only think of the people you get to meet;

The lives you get to touch with what you do,

And the Lives you have the opportunity to change.


I know you need to be the best even when the strength is gone;

 You have to smile even when your world is tearing apart.

You pose even when you need time alone or heavy at heart.

Like Chris Brown usually say; “Even though I'm so damaged

I've got to pick myself up”. But in you I know God lives.


A blessed life is what you have and now that we shared

A moment I know it is real. I’m grateful for a birthday gift,

An opportunity to shake your hand and take from it;

Thanks for being who you are for the people like us.

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