"Hell's Phone Call"

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"This is an urban legend about Hell calling you?"

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



Around the world there is one urban legend you should take seriously... it's called

 "Hell's phone call" 
People who would be accused of doing crimes or even people in your family who have been to jail before for such little as unpaid parking tickets to murders, should fear a phone call from "Hell's Phone call." One lady was asleep one night and heard her phone ring it was around 3:30 in the morning. The collar I.D. Had in red letters "HELL" with a 666 area code. She laughed at this and went back to bed.
 Well usually when someone calls you they only call once and they don't potentially posses supernatural powers so...but her phone immediately rang again along with every single phone in the house. This time she answered to a hellish sound with screams and a voice she said sounded exactly like the devil himself saying

"I've got a special place here for you"

She hung the phone up. Legend says hanging up on "Hells phone call" is the biggest mistake one can make as the devil calls back and tells you he has a hell hound out for you. Hell hounds are invincible dogs for the devil. The lady immediately heard a growing sound and she screamed and screamed. The next morning a visitor reported seeing a torn up body and police came to investigate and the only evidence was a text message from the same number that called her that night. The messagealways read 

"Welcome to hell"

This has happened to hundreds of people all through the 1900's to our  year...No one bows to this day if it's really a phone call from the devil. There is a theory that it could be a serial killer who has been stalking his victims and has a little fun with them at first. 
But that sounds a bit extreme? What do you think? Do you think that the devil is behind this or could it be someone else trying to scare you? I know one thing I would never answer a phone call at night especially if the area code said "Hell or had a 666 area digit code...

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