A horse tied to the tree

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“Don’t animals have the right to their freedom?”

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



It’s been a long time I recall.

When I strode over the green pastures.

When my rambunctiousness had no boundaries.

When there was nothing known as woe.

When everyone cared for me.

Until I found saddles and ropes all around me.




Where my youth turned to restraint.

Where my continuous doting did not help.

Where I sweat and ran on burning sun-sand.

Where my life felt so desolate.

Soon I realized that I could not dart.

Whereas even trees could billow and surge.

Where I knew only to lift weights.

When others laughed,

I could only hear a melancholy tune.




It has been a long time now.

Where my legs have turned wobbly.

Where my fury had faded way.

Where I have turned senile.

Now I see a chestnut me-like being,

swing his golden mane.




I wish I could advise,

that life is an illusion.

But he is too far away

busy with his rampageous instinct.

Our fate is same dear.

Your honour will fade out with time.

Where your body shall quiver till last,

until your body is set free.

Says I, a horse tied to the tree.





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