Blood Sign

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Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



Sit here green rolling hill there is the sea there is the clouds they are one their waves feeding and feeding off each other. Sundial caresses my overwhelmed soul and I’m so tired. Pieces of the waves get carried off by the wind feels like rain to me a sign that this is occurring comes like shark fin white caps swimming all around that velvet abyss black. See that island over there? No, the one over there. That’s where I was dead and born again or was it born and dead again. City skylines are never Parisian but always howling wet steely concrete tides look how all the people their pimples bulging all over their faces sizzling in the frost shard wind how they burst white blood cell hardened that rolls icy bouncing bouncing strange ways you’ll never find and the city breathes in and out the concrete earth bulging its own pimply inhale and the people scrabble to and fro to and fro over and over here there and what is under the concrete skin is a vast network of sewer slime sludge an intricate circuitry of excrement and the city is fueled by its own shit that cycles back into the mouths of its people that shit it back out that gets eaten and the whole earth is a shitshow everything grows from shit and everything shits and in proxy eats and is shit. See the sky make a rainbow somehow light seems a separate being than utter odorous excrement yet everything could be the same pastel mosaic vomit swirled LIGHT that screams parallactic odyssey SEE it questions itself AM I JUST JACKING OFF OR WHAT a GOD a SUPREME BEING the greatest and best and most CHRONIC MASTURBATING that keeps fucking with itself can’t stop I’m you I’m shit I’m you I’m me I’m shit I’m rainbows I’m rainbow shit dreams. There are trickles dot a upheld scenario masqueraded as a film: flash goes the fragmented visionaries balloons plastic syphilitic skin and they mash their acne ravaged faces together crushing their brains out their ears and thus two islands fuck each other but it’s the same island see? And it’s just masturbating but a different kind see? And the earth’s great anus the ocean is all shit swimming with its cells that are just bigger organelles of what you think is life anyways some kind of different self-replicating machinery so I found a planet at the bottom of that rolling hill. Everything got real hot like melting skin flakes float dust petal snowy and I find this new realm and here all the life lives on in harmony grew from metal ore and they farm molecules that are carbon oxygen nitrogen components look just like flesh they’ve shaped it all around them and it even grows from the ground and everything is squishy pulsy and now you can see I mean really SEE that this planet is alive and it’s funny when I looked in the microscope and saw that electron cloud just abuzz in a frenzy my own lips teemed and slithered another word slimy with birth goo dripping from its brethren WE LIVE. WE LIVE. And they coo:


coo so soft:






And are they laughing? Screaming? Making music? Making love? Making hate? Making elemental incomprehension? Making excrement? Making life? Making the lie of life? Making it all? Making nothing at all nothing is everything and everything crashes on its own shore hello hello hello hello yelling at a blank wall peeling open the top of his skull and just pouring his brains runny eggy goo splatters quintessential soul and is never seen by none not even him and he dies a fountainhead jeering at its own creative weaknesses that only the deranged could eat like candy. One hair she plucks and gives to him and he holds it to his heart forever desiccated and dry leaf crumbling in his bed so very ecstatic and full of joy at the better side of life that she shows him by that single act of ultimate benign and {secretly in the deepest reaches of her subconscious and heart} LOVE for him that he KNOWS KNOWS KNOWS she will know one day he knows it’s true and she fucks his best friend on the floor next to the bed moaning and shuddering in visceral animal orgasmic ecstasy the best friend’s cock grows grows grows towers out of her mouth and tears of blood come down from her eyes as an outpour rivulets sweet emotive discontent and he is screaming for them to keep going cuckold fetish jacking off like so


The four posts of the bed crack and the breeze ruffles the drapes of it like ripples of a calm mountain lake and everything is blue and all around electric injection zap blue nothing but blue nothing but blue miniscule glints lethargic lurch around and it’s an endless abyss but how calm how divine how unadulterated blissful nothingness can be. Sharks bite into you and your blood becomes great mushroom clouds break the nothingness with splashes and punches behind your eyeballs makes them bulge almost coming out of your head and you’re crying to Bastosalion the Destroyer here is the transcript:

Tatta: oh great Si Sono aperature and monosayeth vestibule governance taketh soon these blood signs tryst thou can grips record

BD: Or how about I just fuck you in the nostril and make you sneeze blood cum

Tatta: How do you know my natural defense mechanism?

And thus the great swirling galaxies of the cereal bowl diets were born groovy up sickened in the arrow fang giantess fallow horn. See the candle made of human fat extract shat out of her belly button just squoze out while she jiggles and goes….OH!.....oh ho OH!......oh ho OH! OH! HOW GOOD! GOOD! Eats her fat ejects and her flab jigs up and down and these worms come out the mold and mushrooms of her skin folds crawl back on her legs into her anus and paradise sparkles from the clouds rains pork and cow they come apart in the stratosphere reduced to or rather grown into chunky flowers of muscle unbound and unwrapped a great gift and present for the shrieking townsfolk that claw at each other and with daydream shining eyes and laughter in their choking throats tear at the meat the meat the meat raining blood all around raining blood out their family and friends raining blood under the fingernails and how happy they all are. Do you recall that room where the blood shadows drooled and laughed and put it in fans and put it in big bubbles that flop and burst right before your eyes and you’re blind but in the most lovely crimson. The hill is soft and the grass envelops as an all-encompassing bed. It’s warm and a thin strip of blue is all you see at the edge the sun glow shards to the right. Close more and the universe turns black-purply but only for a brief moment. Wait just a moment and there in the distance of the blackness there is a red dot a planet –like warmth that is born and comes slowly and everything is warm-glow red like the womb and holding nursing and eyelids no more they are thin veined almost completely translucent flower petals and the heart breathes with the sheer wild waves of the surrounding universe and nothing breathes and everything breathes and bleeds.

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