When you hold onto someone for their sake

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There are things that are way more important than you yourself, but will you let them direct your life?

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



I saw her future
broken inside
No matter 
how hard she tried

If i left her alone
she'd have no way out
her heart turning to stone
as she'd scream and shout

So i have to take her misery
No matter how i decay
Stuck in this pissery
A withering may. 

The moon turns red
my skin implodes
my heart feels dead
upholding the nodes

Cause to protect her from the flame
I myself will burn
Cause i'm no man if i don't protect the dame
But what do i learn?

I learn i am stuck
Stuck in the cell
constantly struck
i hear no bell

No sound or sight
no hope or guiding light

But the one thing i know
is that i'm a protector
I reap what i sow
in this dystopian sector

I may try too hard
but i want to defend
in my heart there's a shard
just so she can depend

I think to myself...
What will happen when i'm gone?
Will i be missed?
Will i be appreciated?
How much time do i have left? 
Will i succeed 
or will i fail?

My bones begin to crumble
into this hellfire i stumble
maybe the time is nigh' 
to say... Goodbye. 

But i cannot, for without me
she's blind, she cannot see
She'd fall and she'd crumble
With no one to trust
then she'd stumble
before turning to dust.


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