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I really enjoy creative writing and short stories, a lot of these stories do NOT have names in it regarding to privacy because they will find it eventually! Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



Just imagine, you are at a beautiful beach, with the waves gleaming and crashing peacefully.You are the only person on this voluminous beach, there is not a sign of life on this beach besides the animals swimming about in the ocean. The smell of saltwater and fresh air infiltrates your nostrils, sending you into a peaceful state of mind. You lay back onto the sand, closing your eyes just to hear the waves. You go off into a deep sleep, it’s almost as tranquil as a peaceful protest. All of a sudden, you slowly open your eyes to see a bright life shining down your face as it blinds you. Not knowing what to do, you slowly get off the ground and manage to get up. You walk around, looking from every direction to find another human being. Not realizing it was there, you turned around to see a giant, shiny staircase to a big, beautiful fence. Reluctantly, you walk up the staircase to reach your final destination, the gorgeous fence. What feels like forever, you finally reached the fence, that had slowly opened silently. Curious, you walk past the opening to the fence into what seems like something out of a fairytale book you read as a youth. There is flowers that are blooming beautifully, along with beautiful animals beyond imagination. This land you could only dream about, it would be far too impossible to even be in.Walking around, you spot a rather tall man standing by one of the trees that had cherry blossoms on it.

It was hard to see his face, but you could tell he had long grayish hair and was wearing what seemed like a robe. All you could see on his face is his mouth, it’s curved into a smile. All you feel is a huge surge of energy racing through your body, you are shot into an unconscious state of mind. All you see is a smile, and everything turned black. You wake up again, you are still on the tranquil beach. There are a few people crowding around you, seeing if you were okay. You blinked your eyes to adjust your focus as you see the man you had seen just earlier, with the grayish hair. You can now see his face clearly, he slowly opened his mouth and spoke a few words.

“Not your time child, you have long ways to adventure,”


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