Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

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Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



Poem inspired by Elton John


Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word

Beholden to the sacred decree when all is not golden

Promises, of dreams shattered, when reality is not holding

Emotions, Love, a twosome slow dance of all time

Kindred spirits lost in its raptured designs

Presence of isolation when journeying on

Music sheet created for a lover’s song

A kiss in the wind and then you’re gone

What have I got do to make you love me, what have I got to do to make you care

Breathlessly floating on spiritual air

Yet, hanging on to a shooting star without a hope or a prayer

An emotional blanket provided when I needed the warmth of a spare

Sorry is hindering my progress as I presently stand

Separation of two beautiful souls found in woman and man

What have I got to do I do when lightning strikes me, and to wake and find that you’re not there

Remnant of a ribbon sailing in the sky for a forgotten love affair

Unification of raining, its umbrella of a fervent pearly mist

Current absence of its streams, now set adrift

What do I do to make you want me, what have I got to do to be heard

A Red Cardinal soaring without the tweet of a Blue Jay, a bird, the company of which one strongly prefers

Pride has taken control

Stumbling with words meant to console

Emotions bleeds

Feelings supersedes

Mentality refuses to concede

Hesitation to believe as I softly purge

However, as I close my eyes to reality, sorry seems to be the hardest word


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