andrew and the sitter

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the story is about a babysitter and the boy that she takes care of

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018




By Chris E. Clarkson


It was the Friday after Thanksgiving. Andrew

Hairston, was in the fourth grade at the Kennedy

Academy. Luckily for Andrew, he had no

homework for the holiday weekend. No, Andrew

had nothing against homework. Others might’ve

balked about homework, but Andrew always

studied because he was extremely serious about

education. Andrew lived with his mother, who was

a school librarian at Fairgate Elementary School.

That school was in the roughest neighborhood in

Franklinton. Andrew and his mother used to live

in that part of town, but when Andrew was about

to enter the fourth grade, her mother borrowed

money so that the two of them could move to

Northview Heights. Andrew and his mother often

went to the Northview Heights Public Library and

the Arlington Estates Public Library to look up

information from nonfiction books, microfilm,

reference material, and the Internet as well. There

was a lot of information on the Internet. Countless

information, indeed. Andrew really enjoyed being

a student at the Kennedy Academy. For one thing,

there were no gangs, drugs, or weapons. Kennedy

Academy was an example of quality in education,

and Andrew was proud to be one of its students. It

was pretty expensive, but Andrew received the best

education with a diversity of students. Andrew

had the best teachers, and he studied often.

Andrew’s teachers were proud of the fact that he

was extremely serious about studying at the

Kennedy Academy. Andrew loved school so much.

But there was a price to pay. Because Andrew’s

mother had to pay back a loan, along with paying

for food, utilities, clothing, and tuition, Andrew

wasn’t going to have gifts or a Christmas tree this


“You’re going to have a babysitter to take care

of you while I do my workout at the YWCA

downtown,” said Andrew’s mother. She smiled at

him. “You’ll love her. She’s very nice.”

“I can’t wait to meet her,” Andrew told his

mother. “I want to go sledding, play checkers, and

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.”

“I’m sure she’ll want to do what you like to do,”

said Andrew’s mother. There was a knock at the

door. Andrew and his mother got up from the

couch in the living room. The two of them went to

the door. Standing on the welcome mat was his

babysitter. She had a flipped under pageboy

hairstyle, and bangs of hair covered her forehead.

Andrew didn’t quite know why they were called

“bangs,” but that’s what they were called. The

woman’s style preference was fashion from the

1960s. Andrew just couldn’t resist her pretty face,

and her smile revealed her personality. She wore a

silver and purple checkerboard dress. Her high

heeled go-go boots were silver and purple. The

woman was wearing Northview Heights High

School’s colors.

“Are you Andrew Hairston?” asked the woman.

“That’s me,” He answered her.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” said the

woman. “My name’s Stephanie McCullogh, and

I’m a senior at Arlington Estates High School.”

“Come on in, Stephanie,” said Andrew’s

mother. “My name’s Jenelle Hairston. I’m a

librarian at Fairgate Elementary School.”

“I’m here to take care of Andrew while you

have some time to yourself,” said Stephanie.

“And I don’t mind you having some “me” time,

Mom,” Andrew told his mother.

“Thanks for thinking of me,” Andrew’s mother

said to him. Andrew turned to Stephanie.

“How was your Thanksgiving, Stephanie?”

Andrew asked her.

“It was fine,” said Stephanie. “We had honey

baked ham, greens, scalloped potatoes, and peach


“That sounds delicious,” said Andrew’s


“What are you going to get for Christmas?”

asked Stephanie.

“I hate to tell you this, but we’re not going to

celebrate a commercial Christmas,” said Andrew’s


“You’re not?” asked Stephanie.

“Now, don’t get me wrong,” said my mother.

“It’s not that we don’t believe in the true meaning

of Christmas. It’s just that with the mortgage,

tuition, bills, and food, there’s not much left for

retail shopping. Andrew understands this. Don’t

you, Andrew.”

“I can still celebrate Christmas in my spirit,”

Andrew told Stephanie.

“I’m sure you can, Andrew,” said Stephanie.

“You and your mother will celebrate Christmas

and get all your bills paid off eventually.”

“We don’t know when,” said Andrew’s mother

as she hugged him. “Would you like to look at

Andrew’s room?”

“Absolutely,” said Stephanie. The three of them

went upstairs to Andrew’s room. Andrew had a

collection of model airplanes and ships in his

room. The ships and airplanes were decorated

with decals. Andrew was so good at putting model

airplanes and ships together that his mother

thought that he was a one-man assembly line.

Stephanie picked up a helicopter. She spun the

blades as she flew it around the air.

“I love your airplane and ship collection,” said

Stephanie. “You have done an awesome job putting

them together.”

“Andrew is a one man assembly line,” laughed

my mother. “He acts as if he has a lot of Detroit in


“You can say that again, Mrs. Hairston,” said


“Please call me Jenelle,” she said.

“All right, Jenelle,” said Stephanie. Andrew

looked at a picture of his parents. Andrew’s father

was killed in action in Iraq. Even though he was

gone, Andrew and his mother never forgot about


“What branch of service was your husband in?”

asked Stephanie.

“He was in the Army,” said Andrew’s mother.

“He was killed the day before Labor Day.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Jenelle,” said


“Andrew was sad, but he’s doing a great job

adjusting to life without his father,” said his  

mother. “Right, Andrew?”

“Right,” I told her. Andrew’s mother gave

Stephanie a card so that in case of emergencies,

she could be reached.

“You and Stephanie take care now,” said

Andrew’s mother.

“We’ll be fine,” Andrew told his mother. “You

need some time to yourself.”

“Thanks, Andrew,” said his mother as she

hugged him. Stephanie and Andrew walked his

mother downstairs. She went in the closet and got

her key from the rack that was shaped like the

state of Ohio. The Ohio shaped key rack was in a

silver and pink checkerboard pattern.  Andrew

and his mother were staunch Ohio State College


“By the way, Stephanie, if you and Andrew are

planning on going out, I’m going to give you an

extra key so that the two of you can lock up,” said

Andrew’s mother.

“No problem,” said Stephanie. “You take care,


“You too,” said Andrew’s mother. “Bye.”

Andrew’s mother and Andrew hugged each other

before she went out the door. Stephanie and

Andrew waved at his mother, and she waved back

at the two of them. Stephanie and Andrew went

upstairs to his room. Stephanie and Andrew put

the spare key in her purple pouch pocket as the two

of them went upstairs.

“Would you like to play Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Robots?” Andrew asked Stephanie.

“Absolutely, Andrew,” said Stephanie. Andrew

went in his crate and got the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Robots. The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots consisted

of a blue robot and a red robot. The ring was

yellow. Andrew received the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Robots as a Christmas present from his aunt last

year. Both his aunt and his uncle were laid off

from the Ford Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Because of this, they weren’t able to afford any

gifts. Andrew understood. He was planning on

being a boxer and a writer. Andrew loved to

write. He could use a computer very well. Andrew

had Internet access, and he often used the Internet

under the supervision of his mother. Stephanie

and Andrew sat on his waterbed. Andrew loved  

waterbeds. Stephanie and Andrew sat down

cross-legged Indian style on his waterbed. The two

of them were rocking like riding waves on an

ocean. Stephanie had the red robot, and Andrew

had the blue robot. Stephanie and Andrew pressed

the buttons, and moved the robots here and there.

The red robot was punching the blue robot’s face.

The blue robot’s head went up. Stephanie pushed

the blue robot’s head down. The two of them did

some more jabbing with the robots. Stephanie and

Andrew moved the robots here and there, punching

each other one’s face. His red robot’s face went up.

“I love Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots,” said

Stephanie. “This toy is awesome.”

“I want to be a boxer one day,” Andrew told


“That’s fantastic, Andrew.”

‘I’d like to play with the checkers,” Andrew told


“That can be done, Andrew.”

“I have the New York Mets versus the Chicago

White Sox checkers, Stephanie.”

‘I can’t wait to play with them,” answered

Stephanie. Andrew put the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Robots in the crate, and he went to the shelf and

got the New York Mets versus the Chicago White

Sox baseball checkers. Stephanie and Andrew sat

down on the rug Indian style once again. Andrew

had the New York Mets checkers, and Stephanie

had the Chicago White Sox checkers. The two of

them moved the baseball cap checkers here and

there, each grabbing a baseball cap checker, and

putting one on top of the other. Andrew won the

first game.

“Congratulations on playing an awesome

game,” said Stephanie. The two of them raised

their hands up in the air. Stephanie and

Andrew gave themselves a high five. “Let’s play

another game.”

“All right,” Andrew told Stephanie. “Can I

have the Chicago White Sox checkers?”

“Absolutely,” said Stephanie. The two of them

switched checkers. Stephanie and Andrew moved

the baseball cap checkers here and there, each

obtaining one, as well as putting one baseball cap

on top of the other. Stephanie won the second


“You did awesome, Stephanie McCullogh,” he

told her.

“Thanks for the compliment,” said Stephanie.

“Would you like to play Tic Tac Toe?”

“Sure,” Andrew went in the games crate, and

removed a Tic Tac Toe board game. There were

five O’s and four X’s. Tic Tac Toe was Andrew’s

favorite game. It was so simple that even an eight

year old could play it. Andrew had friends from

the neighborhood visit him to play Tic Tac Toe,

and they just couldn’t resist that game. Stephanie

and Andrew sat down on the rug. Andrew had the

X’s, and Stephanie had the O’s. Andrew put an “O”

in the center. Stephanie and Andrew put “X’s” and

“O’s” on the board, trying to block one another.

Andrew had three “X’s” from the top to the bottom.

“I’m going to beat you the next game,” laughed


“Just you wait,” Andrew told her. Stephanie

and Andrew put “X’s” and “O’s” on the board,

trying to block one another. This time, Stephanie

had an “O” from the lower left hand corner to the

upper right hand corner. Stephanie won the game.

“You won the second game,” Andrew told her.


“Thanks,” said Stephanie. The two of them

raised their hands up in the air. The two of them

gave each other a high five. “Would you like to go

sledding downhill at Jefferson Woods?”

“Sure,” Andrew told Stephanie. “Did you bring

your sled?”

“As a matter of fact, I did,” said Stephanie.

“It’s in my car.” Andrew went in his closet and got

his sled. The two of them trotted downstairs like

horses. Stephanie went in her purple pouch pocket

and got the spare key. Stephanie opened the door

for us. Stephanie and Andrew went outside, and

saw that Stephanie had a pink 1966 Ford Fairlane

two door hardtop. Andrew loved classic cars.

“Where did you get your car?” Andrew asked


“I won the car in a church raffle,” said


“What was the number?”

“It was 1234567,” said Stephanie.

“Wow! What are the chances of that

happening?” Andrew wondered aloud. Stephanie

got behind the wheel. Stephanie left Andrew’s

house on West Church Street, and drove down

South Court Street down to West Lincoln Avenue.

Jefferson Woods was located on West Lincoln

Avenue. Stephanie turned on the radio which was

turned to the station WALK. Michael Jackson was

singing “Gone Too Soon.” It was a song about a

young boy who died of AIDS. Andrew had heard of

AIDS, but he wasn’t interested in studying about

that disease. As Stephanie drove down South

Court Street, the empty tree branches looked like

snakes that were entwined around one another.

Snow fell in tiny flakes, like salt sprinkling. The

weather report called for more snow. As Stephanie

and Andrew went down South Court Street, the

two of them saw yards that were decorated with

snow globes containing a Santa Claus, reindeer,

and elves with dots flying around like airplanes.

Andrew and Stephanie loved those globes. They

were so awesome. Andrew wished he had some

snow globes. The snow globes would’ve made

Christmas a merrier time. Stephanie drove like a

slow moving turtle. The roads were extremely

terrible, but Stephanie drove carefully. Now, others

might’ve balked about driving in bad weather, but

Stephanie was one driver who was willing to drive

when the roads were terrible. She was one of many

that could take driving when the roads were bad.

As Stephanie and Andrew approached the South

Church and West Lincoln Avenue, the two of them

saw traffic lights covered with icicles. The aroma

of coffee brewing at a nearby Marc’s Coffee

Roasters filled the air.

“I’ve been there,” said Stephanie. “You should

try the scones. They’re mouth watering.”

“I’ll ask my mother if she’ll take me there,”

Andrew told Stephanie.  

“You do that, Andrew,” said Stephanie. She  

drove down West Lincoln Avenue. Cars moved like

a line of turtles. It was often like that when the

weather was bad. Andrew rode past the Northview

Heights Municipal Offices. Stephanie and Andrew

arrived at Jefferson Woods at last. There was the

hill. Stephanie and Andrew got out of the car and

looked at the Metropolis skyline. The buildings

towered like up-ended tubes of lipstick. It was such

a nice view as Andrew and Stephanie took their

sleds up the hill.

“Have you ever skied down this hill before?”

Andrew asked Stephanie.

“Yes, I have, as a matter of fact,” said

Stephanie. “I learned how to ski at this hill when I

was in kindergarten.”

“Do you have an innertube?” Andrew asked


“I sure do!” said Stephanie. “My family and I

slide down on our innertubes and have so much

fun!” The two of them got on our sleds and raced

down the hill. Stephanie came in first as she and

Andrew reached the bottom.

“You came in first,” Andrew congratulated


“Thanks,” said Stephanie. The two of them

raised their hands in the air. They gave themselves

a high five. “Shall we go up the hill and race


“Let’s do it,” Andrew told Stephanie. The two

of them walked with their sleds uphill. At the top,

Stephanie and Andrew laid on their stomachs on

their sleds. Down the two of them went towards the

bottom. Andrew came in first.

“You beat me, Andrew,” said Stephanie. “You

did fantastic!”

“Let’s try again!” Andrew told Stephanie.

“By all means,” said Stephanie. The two of

them walked up the hill. Then Stephanie and

Andrew slid downhill, each taking turns coming in

first place. Stephanie and Andrew spent an hour

sledding downhill. It was so much fun sledding

downhill with their sleds at Jefferson Woods. After

Stephanie and Andrew got tired of sledding, the

two of them headed to the car.

“Would you like to go to DiCenzo’s and get

some pizza?” asked Stephanie.

“I’d love to,” Andrew told her. Stephanie and

Andrew carried their sleds back to her car. She

opened the trunk with her keys, and the two of

them positioned their sleds in the trunk, then got

in the car. Stephanie started the engine and the

heater warmed up the inside of the car. Stephanie

turned on the radio to WALK, and the two of them

listened to Johnny Mathis sing “Sleigh Ride.” The

way that Johnny Mathis performs that song made

Andrew want to shake up and down as if he was a

chocolate milkshake in a blender. After all,

Christmas wasn’t Christmas without Johnny

Mathis. He knew how to record Christmas music

with attitude. Andrew’s mother was a fan of

Johnny Mathis’ Christmas music. She often played

it during the Christmas season.

“What do you think of winter?” Andrew asked


“I love winter,” said Stephanie, smiling.

“However, driving on icy streets is stress at its


“I love winter too, but I wouldn’t want to drive

on the streets when the roads are bad,” Andrew

told Stephanie.

“That makes two of us,” laughed Stephanie. At

the intersection of South Court Street and West

Union Street, the traffic lights were blinking. The

bad weather caused the traffic lights to

malfunction. But Stephanie drove across South  

Street carefully. Stephanie and Andrew could see a

building under construction facing the northbound

lanes of South Court Street. Andrew remembered

when the original building that was there burned

down. Stephanie and Andrew could smell the

aroma of barbecue from Carolina’s Place. Andrew

loved barbecue. The aroma of barbecue made

Andrew’s mouth water.

“I’ve eaten there,” said Stephanie. “The food is

so tasty. It’s awesome. I just can’t resist the smell

of barbecue.”

“I LOVE barbecue,” Andrew told Stephanie.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Stephanie. “When I’m

off for the summer, we’ll eat at Carolina’s Place.

How would that be?”

“Oh boy!” Andrew answered Stephanie. The

two of them made a right turn on Washington

Street, where traffic was barely moving. Both

Andrew and Stephanie wished for springtime. Like

Stephanie said, driving in the wintertime was

stress at its best. At the intersection of

Washington and South Court Street, the traffic

lights were also blinking. A female police officer

was directing traffic. Ice had caused the traffic

lights to malfunction. The female police officer let

Stephanie make a right turn on Washington


“What are you going to get at DiCenzo’s?”

asked Stephanie.

“I’d like to have a bacon, pepperoni, and

mushroom pizza,” Andrew told Stephanie.

“Those pizzas are mouth watering,” said

Stephanie. “Bacon , pepperoni, and mushrooms

are my favorite pizzas.”

“They’re mine, too,” Andrew told her.

Stephanie and Andrew got out of the car, and

slipped on the icy sidewalk. Luckily, Andrew and

Stephanie weren’t hurt. When the two of them were

both on their feet, Andrew opened the door to the

pizza place for Stephanie. The two of them could

smell the aroma of baking pizzas. Andrew ordered,

and paid for the bacon, pepperoni, and mushroom

pizza, then headed towards home. Stephanie drove

southbound on South Court Street. Lots and lots of

snow sprinkled towards the street as if it was salt,

and the weather called for a whole lot of more

snow. There were snowplows along both the

northbound and southbound lanes of South Court

Street, which was good. Andrew rode past the

Boulevard Presbyterian Church, where Andrew

and his mother attended on Sundays. Danille

made a left turn on West Church Street. After

Andrew and Stephanie got out of the car, the two

of them went inside the house.

“Are you ready to chow down on the pizza?”

asked Stephanie. Together Andrew and Stephanie

sat down on the kitchen table. The pizza was

precut into squares. Andrew and Stephanie took

small bites of their pizzas, enjoying each mouthful.

The people at DiCenzo’s Pizza did an awesome job

creating that pizza.

“I’ve tried many places, but DiCenzo’s has to be

the best in town,” Stephanie said between two bites

of pizza. “Do you like DiCenzo’s?”

“I love DiCenzo’s Pizza,” Andrew told

Stephanie. “DiCenzo’s Pizza is the bomb.”

“It is the bomb, all right,” said Stephanie as

she got up from her seat. “Would you like to make

some snow angels?”

“I’d love to, Stephanie,” Andrew told her. After

she trashed the empty pizza box, the two of them

went out to the back yard. Stephanie and Andrew

laid down on their backs, and the two of them

made some snow angels. Stephanie and Andrew

opened and closed their legs like scissors. They got

up, and admired their angels in the snow. Then,

shivering and shaking off snow from their clothes,

Stephanie and Andrew went inside the house.

“Would you like to go bouncing on the

trampoline?”  Andrew asked Stephanie.

“Sure,” said Stephanie. The two of them went

inside. Stephanie and Andrew took off their coats,

and hung them in the closet. Then Andrew and

Stephaine went downstairs to the basement. There

was a trampoline downstairs, an aerobic stepper, a

treadmill, and an exercise bicycle. Andrew’s father

got the money for the trampoline, the aerobic

stepper, the treadmill, and the exercise bicycle by

winning the Ohio Lottery Pick 3 and Pick 4 game.

Andrew’s father played 123 straight, and 4567

straight. After those numbers were drawn, he

purchased the exercise equipment online for

Andrew’s mother and himself. Stephanie and

Andrew took off their boots. The two of them got on

the trampoline. Andrew and Stephanie jumped up

and down like springs. Both Andrew and

Stephanie loved trampolines. They were the bomb

of sports equipment. Then the two of them got back

up and ran in place on the trampoline.

“I love your trampoline,” said Stephanie.

“Trampolines knock me off my feet. But they let

me bounce back up!”

“I love them too,” Stephanie answered Andrew.

“I love jumping up and down on the trampoline

like a spring. I’d love to have a trampoline of my


“Are you going to get one?” Andrew asked


“I might,” said Stephanie. After spending 45

minutes on the trampoline, the two of them heard

the telephone ringing. Stephanie and I put on their

boots. Andrew and Stephanie went upstairs to his

mother’s room. Andrew’s mother had a cordless

phone. Andrew picked up the receiver.

“Hello,” said Andrew.

“Andrew, it’s your mother,” she said. “How are

things coming along with Stephanie?”

“Pretty good, Mom. What do you want?”

“The reason why I called is that they’re having

a contest at the Trinity Presbyterian Church.

It’s a cakewalking contest. You get five chances to

walk a cake across the beam. If you get the cakes

across without dropping them, you win a $1,000

gift card to shop at Toys ‘R’ Us.”

“Toys ‘R’ Us, Mom?”

“That’s right, Andrew. Toys ‘R’ Us.”

“Wow! When does it start?”

“It starts right now, Andrew. Better get there

before it’s too late. It ends at 7:00 p.m.”

“We’ll leave right now, Mom.”

“All right, Andrew. Take care. Bye.”

“Bye.” Andrew and his mother hung up.

Andrew was looking forward to taking part in the

cake walking contest. If Andrew won the $1,000

gift certificate to Toys ‘R’ Us, he would’ve gotten a

few games, especially Pac-Man, the SCENE IT

games, the plug and play games, a bicycle, a

skateboard, a helmet, some Disney DVDs, and

those specially made for the whole family, along

with an air hockey game, a pool table, and a Wii

computer game, along with the games to add to the

Wii. Not only that, but Andrew enjoyed racing slot

cars. Andrew had seen some classic slot cars at

Tommie’s Hobbies, and he always wanted to have

cars like those. Andrew also saw a Lionel train set

there. Now those Lionel trains were such excellent

Christmas presents. After all, what was December

25 without a Lionel train? Andrew hoped that he

would win the cake walk. Stephanie picked up her

pouch pocket as the two of them put on their coats.

The house key was already inside Stephanie’s

pouch pocket. Stephanie locked the door as the two

of them went out. Together, Andrew and Stephanie

walked across the street to the Trinity Presbyterian

Church. When Andrew and Stephanie got there,

they ran into Lisa Keller, his Sunday school

teacher at the Trinity Presbyterian Church. She

was very attractive, with long, blond hair, and

bangs on her forehead.

“Hi there, Andrew,” said Lisa. “How’s life

treating you?”

“Pretty good,” Andrew told her. “How was your


“It was great,” said Lisa. “How was yours?”

“It was awesome,” Andrew told Lisa. “I had

ham, collard greens, and scalloped potatoes.”

“That does sound like an awesome meal,”

remarked Lisa.

“Andrew wants to take part in the cakewalking

contest to win money for Christmas,” said


“I can understand that,” said Lisa. “I hear that

times are tough.”

“They are,” Andrew told her. “We just moved to

a new house, and my mother has a mortgage to


“But if you win the $1,000, your Christmas

will be merrier,” said Stephanie as she gave Lisa a

$5 dollar bill.”

“If I win,” Andrew reminded her.

“I’m sure your Christmas will be merry

whether you win or not,” said Lisa. “You’re next.

Good luck!”

“Oh boy!” Andrew thought to myself. Andrew

knew that the cakewalking contest wasn’t going to

be easy, but to him, the cakewalking contest was

worth trying. So, Andrew extended his arms

outward and two female volunteers placed cakes

on each arm. The cakes were heavy layer cakes.

Andrew got up on the beam and slowly walked it.

Midway across the beam, Andrew started shaking

like a human earthquake. OH MY!” The cakes fell

off Andrew’s arms. Andrew slipped off the beam.

Darn it! Andrew had cake all over his shoes! No

one said that getting the cakes across was going to

be easy. But Andrew had four more choices. He

went back to the starting point. The female

volunteers gave Andrew two more cakes.

“Come on, Andrew!” said Lisa. “You can do


“I’m trying!” Andrew told her as he got back on

the beam and walking slow as a turtle, tried to get

the cakes across the beam. Once again, Andrew

started to shake and the cakes fell down to the

floor as he slipped off the beam. Why did Andrew

have to fall down? He didn’t want December 25 to

be an ordinary day! He wanted to have a

Christmas that was merry. He wanted to celebrate

Christmas with toys! Andrew had three more

chances. Andrew had to get those cakes across to

keep December 25 from being an ordinary day for

his mother and himself.

“Getting those cakes across isn’t easy,” Andrew

told Stephanie.

“You’ve got to think positive,” said Stephanie.

“Say to yourself that you’re going to get those cakes


“I’ll try,” Andrew told Stephanie. He went back

to the beam and was given two more cakes.

Andrew set his mind to get those cakes across the

beam. The last thing that Andrew wanted was to

have December 25 to be an ordinary day. Andrew

visualized nice gifts under a tree: games, radio

controlled vehicles, DVDs, a Wii computer game,

plug and play games, a slot car set, a Lionel train

set, and possibly games for the Wii computer,

Andrew got on the balance beam, slowly crossing,

one foot in front of the other. Andrew walked

carefully across the beam. Andrew started to shake

a bit, but he balanced the cakes so they didn’t fall


“Don’t quit!” said Stephanie. “You’re almost


“I’m going to do it!” Andrew said. He walked

toward the middle of the beam. The cakes were

still balanced on his arms. It looked as if Andrew

was going to win the $1,000 gift card to Toys ‘R’

Us. Christmas was going to be merry! Andrew

tripped just as he reached the end of the beam, but



Andrew thought that he’d have to try again, but

with a little luck and perseverance, he finally had

those cakes walked across!

“Congratulations!” said a male volunteer. “You

won a $1,000 gift card to Toys ‘R’ Us!”

“Wow!” Andrew yelled and jumped up and

down like he was on a trampoline! Andrew was so

excited to have won the $1,000 gift card to Toys ‘R’

Us that he was speechless.

“You did it!” said Stephanie. “See what

happens when you set your mind to accomplish


“It was difficult to win the gift card, but I

tried, and I finally won it,” Andrew answered her.

The two of them gave each other a high five. He

couldn’t wait to tell his mother about winning the

gift card!

“I’ll put the gift card in my pouch pocket so

that you don’t lose it,” said Stephanie. “Wait until

your mother finds out that you won the gift card

for Toys ‘R’ Us.”

‘I can’t wait to tell her about it,” Andrew

laughed happily. Andrew and Stephanie left the

Trinity Presbyterian Church, and skipped across

the street. Andrew’s mother was just getting out of

her car.

“Andrew, how was your day with Stephanie?”

asked his mother.

“It was fantastic,” Andrew said.

“It was Andrew’s lucky day,” said Stephanie.

“It was?” asked my mother. “In what way?”

“Take a look at what I have in my pocket,” said


“I want to see it,” said my mother. Stephanie

opened her pouch pocket, and showed Andrew’s

mom the $1,000 gift card to Toys ‘R’ Us.

“You won the gift card?” asked Andrew’s

mother. “Congratulations, Andrew!”

“Andrew tried twice before but the third time

was a charm!” said Stephanie. “Andrew walked

the cakes across.”

“I’m so proud of you,” said Andrew’s mom.

“And I have some more good news for you.”

“What is it, Mom?” Andrew asked her.

“I went to Michael’s Market, and I bought an

Ohio Lottery Instant Win game,” said Andrew’s

mother. “I scratched the ticket, and guess what.”

“What?” Andrew asked her.

“I WON $75,000 for life!” answered Andrew’s


“Did you hear that, Andrew?” asked Stephanie.

“Your mother won $75,000 for life!”

“Now we’ll have a merry Christmas,” said

Andrew’s mother. She knelt down and hugged


“How are you going to get the money?” asked


“I have to go up to Cleveland and claim it,”

said Andrew’s mother.

“That’s great, Jenelle,” said Stephanie. “Now

that you won $75,000 for life, your Christmas will

be as merry as it can be.”

“It will be merry, all right,” Andrew told

Stephanie. Christmas was not going to be an

ordinary day at Andrew’s house. Winning the gift

card for Toys ‘R’ Us, and Andrew’s mom winning

the lottery for life changed all that. Now that

Andrew and his mother were millionaires, they

were on top of the world! Now the bills would be

paid off, along with the tuition, and the mortgage.

Andrew and his mother would be able to celebrate

Christmas for years to come.

“Stephanie, would you like to come to our

house for Christmas dinner?” Andrew asked her.

“Sure,” said Stephanie. “I don’t see why I


“It’s so nice of you to think of Stephanie,” said

his mother. She smiled at him. Stephanie was a

fantastic babysitter who took good care of him. She

took Andrew to the church and paid for him to

take part in the contest. Stephanie and Andrew

hugged each other.

“I’ll be at your place this Christmas,” said


“I’m so glad,” Andrew smiled at Stephanie.

“She’ll be there,” said Andrew’s mother. “And

we’ll get her something nice for Christmas for

taking good care of you.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Andrew told her.

“No problem,” said Andrew’s mother.

“I have to get going,” said Stephanie. “You and

your mom take care. Enjoy getting ready to

celebrate Christmas!”

“You too,” Andrew told her. Andrew and his

mother waved to Stephanie as she left. The two of

them put their arms around each other, and went

inside the house. The house was warm.

“Mom, do you want to know something?”

Andrew asked her.

“What’s that, Andrew?” asked his mother.

“I love Stephanie, Mom.”

“I know you do, Andrew. Stephanie’s a nice


“And she takes good care of me.”

“She does, Andrew. It was nice of Stephanie to

spend time with you while I had some alone time.”

“I can’t wait to spend more time with her.”

“And you will, too. You and Stephanie will do

some nice things together while I’m out.”

“Oh boy! I am so happy!”


This story is dedicated to the Upper Arlington High School alumnus, and the Bishop Watterson High School alumnus, who have a way with taking care of children. ©2011 by Chris Clarkson

© Copyright 2019 c.c. rider. All rights reserved.

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