Honey, I'm home!

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In this very short story it is vacation time at the "Turns" household. Where do you suppose they're going.

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



"Honey, I'm home!"


Bon-nell Turns has arrived home from a business trip and

after an emotional greeting from his better half, he was asked, “How was the trip dear?”

Bon replied, “Boring, for the most part. After making the Company's purchases there is always a lag time until the goods enter into my possession; then I send them home.”

Bon's wife, Allet, replied, "It is sad that you cannot explore the area and enjoy whatever sights there are to see. I am sure that would make your trips less tedious."

Bon laughed, in a chuckling sort of way, and said, "Oh Allet, you always seem to know what I'm thinking."

Allet looked somewhat surprised and replied, "What do you mean?"

Bon took his wife by an arm and said, "Come, let's go out into the garden and I'll tell you all about it."

After finding a comfortable place in the garden, Bon took his wife by a hand and stated, "I have asked my employer if I might bring you and the children with me on my next trip.

The lag time will be long and much of the time I will have nothing to do. So after making my proposal to the board I was given permission to take all three of you with me; we will make it a business, slash, vacation.

My employer will allow me to repay all additional costs by payroll deductions, over time. That is the only way that we could afford such a wonderful vacation."

Allet looked skeptical and quickly asked, "What vacation could be so wonderful that we should go into debt?"

Bon beamed with pride and then said, "Disneyland, my dear Allet, Disneyland!"

Allet was ecstatic and let out with a gleeful reply, "Disneyland, really Bon? Oh, the children will be so excited and so happy! I can't wait until their school-time is over to tell them!"


It wasn't long before the children arrived home and were told the wonderful news. But to everyone concerned it seem like forever until the trip was to start.

Allet and Bon were inundated with questions until the date of departure, "Father, will our hotel be inside Disneyland? How many days will we be there? Where will we eat? Can I have an updated media devise? Can I record every minute of our trip.

"Mother, can we ride all the rides? Can we buy stuff to bring home? Can you see the ocean from Disneyland? Will we have time to go to the ocean for a day, how about two days if we like it? 

Yes, Allet and Bon were inundated with questions and they were so happy when the departure date finally arrived.



This doesn't look like the images of Disneyland that I have seen on my media display," said Bon Jr.

"It certainly doesn't," stated his sister, Coleen.

Allet calmed them by saying, "Don't be silly, children, aircraft do not land at Disneyland. Now change into something more suitable before our Uber arrives."

Well, the days flew by and everything in the two parks was seen and done multiple times. Some rides and exhibits, the children seemed to be living there.

On the eighth day it was time to leave. They were to catch their flight home in just a few more days.

Bon rented a car and they went for a ride along the coast, they had never seen the ocean before.

Everyone thought that the ocean was great, so Bon rented a motel room right on the beach.

The next night they caught their flight home.


"That was the best vacation, ever!" Coleen stated while jumping around.

Bon Jr. joined in with a song, "It's a small universe, after all, it's a small universe, after all, it's a small universe, after all, it's a small, small universe!"

"That's not how that song goes!" Coleen shouted at her brother.

"Well it is now!" Bon Jr. shouted back.

Allet stepped in before an argument could get stated, and stated, "Come on children, let's change back into our natural forms before the captain alters the atmosphere in the spacecraft. We don't want to be in these human bodies when she does.



D. Thurmond / JEF


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