Only in dreams

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This story is about a boy (Close to manhood) named Adam. Adam is on the verge of recovering his memories, hurtful or not he want's to find out who he was, where he came from and why there is always
a sinking feeling in his heart. Somehow finding ken ship with a Raven which forever haunts his mind, Adam reveals secrets about his past that he wished stayed forgotten but it's to late now, as the
ending has just begun.

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



Chapter 1 
His head rose to a stop carefully tilting towards the sky, the only sound in earshot was a bird in the distance flitting and fluttering about in the air. It's wild chirps, though annoying were seemingly familiar but, 'what about it seemed so familiar?' he thought trying to grasp and salvage the flashing images flickering like a flame in the wind'. Whatever he had hoped to recover, straying from his mind. 

As the raven took flight his eyes trailed after it's pitch black feathers, the last cries piercing his ears sending tremors down his spine. The raven's body was now a blurred figure seen from afar, circling above an opening of bare land between a small mass of trees, 'what is it doing?' he thought staring at the moving blur, eyes widening as the bird dove head first into the small grove. Squinting three things had occurred to him, first there was a bright beam of light coming from the tight gathering of trees, second he had absolutely no idea who he was, where he was or even what his name was and third, there was an unknown material inside the right pocket of his slick denim jeans.

Forcing his eyes open he began to look for an entrance into his right pocket "where is it?" he said irritated "come on ... found it!". 
Throwing his hand into his pocket he grabbed the unknown material and moved behind a tree where he hid from the light. 
He stared at the crumpled piece of paper blatantly lying in his hands, "paper?" he said disappointed "is this a letter?". His eyes followed the shabby texts of writing, 'is this, me?' he thought dazed looking at the self-portrait located beneath the small paragraph of writing 'and a raven?' he said staring at the bird on his shoulder. "wait, there's something under the picture" he froze ... "my name is Adam" 

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