Horrors from Crab-Crossing Part I

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Horrors from Crab-Crossing is a series novel that runs like a trailer. It has similar main characters as protagonists who are a team of detectives that investigate several horrors that take place
in Crab-Crossing. This is the first part-Part I and tells the story of a librarian that is forced by circumstances of a rich spoiled hot student to turn into a killer. It is the events that happen
in his killings that shock the city and more so, the unexpected ending. It is full of suspense and unexpected drama.

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018









The Horrors from Crab-Crossing is a series of short novels each with new characters, except for the detectives that investigate the crimes. It gives the accounts of the horrors that residents of Crab-Crossing have to deal with each day as they live among the many serial killers that have made a home in their town.

This work is done by Larry Lama and copyrighted under the company, Crab INVENT®. Larry Lama is a criminologist by profession and exceptionally loves Forensic Psychology. He is also the writer behind the horror series, Twisted Worlds®.



Written and Published on April 27th 2018.

© 2018. All Rights Reserved by Larry Lama and Crab INVENT®.


No part of this work may be copied, adapted, rehearsed or used anywhere without the prior permission of the author. Failure to adhere to this rule shall be a call for legality by the copyright owners.






  1. Jennifer Clapton: The main character. A student and a protagonist.
  2. Civer Evangeline: Jennifer’s best friend. A shy smart wonderful lady.
  3. The Librarian: The man that becomes the Power saw killer.
  4. Detective Jean Azacoupe: The lead investigative officer at the Crab-Crossing PD.
  5. Detective Petrel Dubois: An agent at Crab-Crossing PD.
  6. Detective Leah Union: An agent at Crab-Crossing PD.
  7. Shannon Bray: A filthy rich student at Crab Heights. The antagonist.
  8. Detective Salome Bishop: A beautiful agent with the Crab-Crossing PD and a Forensic Psychologist.
  9. Detective Mandy Kyle: A very smart Pathologist and Forensic Analyst. The smartest of all.
  10. The IT Expert: A White Hat computer geek, formerly a Black Hat. Now works with the law.






The Power Saw Killer


8 Hours Later.


It was as if everyone were asleep. They all seemed so peaceful, lying on the desks, chairs and...wait, that floor. That floor was full of crimson red blood. It had not yet coagulated and looking further from the first person in the classroom, blood still dripped intermittently off the forehead of a nondescript man. He seemed, awkwardly out of place, being in a class full of teens in uniform.  Alongside him, lay a power saw that still revved its coarse noise across the deadly silent room. What had happened had been clear. This was a... 


A wonderful Carrera, cyan and in white wheels stopped by as it let out a beautiful uniformed lady. She wore a pair of black boots, and a part of her yellow striped black socks was visible towards her knees. Her dress was long enough to cover only her loins as her beautiful thighs paced along in her graceful walk. Her shirt was buttoned, with a white creamy touch to it and on top of it all, was her black blazer. She kept short hair and it therefore avoided competition with her beautiful face. She was hot. A hot student.


The name of her school, Crab Heights. It was a prestigious high school in Crab Crossing, a middle and upper class suburban area of the City. From a distance, she waved goodbye at her mother who drove off the beautiful cyan Carrera. Her body blossomed in her turn to wave as her sweet walk grimaced the walkway to the classrooms once again. She carried books on her chest supported by her right hand. A bit of her name could be seen as her teats juggled sweetly in her movement. Jennifer Clapt... It must have been Jennifer Clapton.


She was always was the last to arrive in class, a major in Forensic Psychology. She had always dreamed of flying to the United States to work with the FBI’s BAU, which was the Behavioral Analysis Unit. It specialized in identifying the outstanding psycho-tendencies that criminals portrayed in an effort to discover their work and residential settlements. Offender and Geographical profiling was what they called it. She simply loved it.


No one is perfect. Jennifer was hot, but single. She had tried to date before but, they always ended up brushing her the wrong way. Some guy she had dated had dumped her for a richer woman, simply because the mum of the lady drove a Rolls Royce. He figured that he could inherit the parents’ property with her. Talk about a lack of focus in life. She thought to herself, what if that lady broke up with him, where would he ever inherit such wealth. She hated gold diggers, even if they were male. A bunch of leeches that refused to work hard for their money. Then again, money was of no element to her. All she cared for was true love. Boys loved her, but this, she would never know. She would never know because they were either too scared to approach her or they simply had not made up their minds on whether they wanted to be with her or not. She honestly would not care less. She was extremely smart and introverted. She cared less for love that was meaningless and unproductive.


Her best friend, Civer Evangeline was cool, kind and very shy. This last attribute must have been the charmer that got her close to Civer. She was reserved and kept a lot to herself. A very smart lady too. Together, they topped their class and their lecturers thought they had promising careers as forensic psychologists. She felt whole and loved. Young and beautiful Jennifer.


Elsewhere, the cream in the brown coffee swirled blissfully as a stirring spoon went around the cup. The hand doing it was firm and wore a nice silver watch. Adjacent to it was a police badge. It read, Lieutenant Azacoupe Jean. He was an investigator with the Crab Crossing Intelligence, better known as, La t’ete a’ les gens. That was, the Head of the People.


 Once there was a serial kidnapper who preyed on single working class women around Crab Crossing. He had been the most elusive yet and had a grand record of raping more than 150 ladies in the City. Apprehending him would be a dream come true and it so happened that, one of the victims he had kidnapped had been girlfriend to an agent in the intelligence agency. She was a simple kindergarten teacher but on this day, she put into practice some of the skills she had learned from the boyfriend. With a sizable pen knife and some courage, she had managed to stab her way to escape. Her sharp double stabs never killed the culprit, but they bought her enough time to run towards the general public and call her boyfriend to the scene. Asnature would have it, he had put up a strong fight, until detective Petrel Dubois fired a .9mm to his temple, killing him instantly.  He had just been glad to have his girlfriend still with him, not raped, not badly hurt, and just a bit bruised from hours of captivity.


The people were indeed important to the agents.

This morning was calm, it had no issues that needed their attention. Leah Union was a former attorney and had walked in on a visit for the annual memorial Hall of Champions. A special day set aside to appreciate the lost agents that were killed in the line of duty by serial offenders. She had been among the advocates for such a day, herself coming from a very controversial past working with the Judiciary at Crab Crossing. It would be held just a short distance to Crab Heights, Jennifer’s school. She would not miss it for anything, nothing at all. She had no children  to take care of, therefore, no birthday promises to break or male hearts to break as she was single. She had learned the hard way that men were not what they seemed to be, still, she trusted a few, such as Jean Azacoupe and Petrel Dubois. She was very smart, but had an innate fear of commitment, men...men were never to be trusted.

Back at Crab Heights, a middle aged man paced the corridors and as he walked by, some girls, about five broached conversation with him. It all seemed peaceful at first, until one of them offered him a kiss. He tried his best to ignore it and even attempted to walk away. Nonetheless, she still beckoned him, even lifting up her skimpy skirt at him as the others laughed and grinned surreptitiously.  He had a daughter about their age, but she studied in a different institution as he had no money to afford fee in that institution. Everything there was triple the price where his daughter studied at.  As a school librarian, he had learned to observe and study people. One thing he found both rich and poor had in common, was in the behavior. They could be nice at one point and total monsters the next. He was a quiet man and as Jennifer and Civer passed by to the canteen, he almost ran into them but missed sharply. The other five girls kept laughing at him as he adjusted his glasses and made for the library. Of course, Jennifer and Civer noticed this cruel act. They knew the girls, they were a bunch of school bullies that even the institution had had a tough time disciplining in respect to who their parents were. Wealth...it made the rules, determined how students performed in class and got some pregnant while still in school. Who cared?  Those bitches had money...they could do whatever they wanted. Or so, they thought…

Jennifer and Civer tried their best to ignore the bullies. Their parents were richer than theirs had been, but at least, they were the two smartest ladies in that school. Everybody knew it and it had given them better fame than that of the bullies.

The lead bully, the Alpha girl, Shannon Bray, she was extremely hot. She was simply flawless in beauty. She totally had no competition among other girls. To make matters worse, she had more money than God. Who could ever have stood up to such qualities. What she lacked in intellect, she compensated for in...Money. What she lacked in positive attention, she compensated for in...money. What she lacked in anything, she could buy off. She was like the school’s little president. All other students simply hated her. She was the bitch from hell itself. A literal lollipop sucker, as she offered lecturers her twat in order to pass her exams. They could not resist the hot hips and sweet smelling body of that Shannon devil. A not so lucky but lucky woman indeed.

At the library, Jennifer looked after the middle aged gentleman. He had respected them both, Jennifer and Civer, as they had been frequenters at the library, always doing what geeks do. Read, write and then, read again. He loved it. They were also kind hearted and open to whoever meant them no harm, except for the seemingly rude or boys that teased them. Especially Civer with her geek glasses. They were pretty too but, got teased. They did not seem to care.

The librarian appreciated their kindness, letting them know that he was a man and needed not go to the police to report the bullying. It would stigmatize him to be made fun of by the society at Crab Crossing. No, he wouldn’t dare. He would handle it another way. Thus, he asked them not to attend school the next day.

They did not know what a quiet wonderful librarian like that would really do. He was so helpless by sight. But being smart forensic psychology students, they knew there was always more to people than met the eye. They walked home thinking about it and whether they should really go to school or simply skip. Skip...their kind of course was so demanding, they could not afford to skip a class. Therefore, they decided to attend school, the next day.

4 Hours Later.

Shannon sat with her legs on the desk, surrounded by her four bully friends. They really distracted the rest of the class as all eyes kept shifting after them. Especially Shannon who revealed her sexy pink G-string sitting like she did. The lecturer seemed distracted as he could not get his eyes off her. She in turn winked at him as they both remembered their previous nights together during the exam days. They had made more than enough sexual encounters and Shannon had to abort three times. Everybody knew the escapades but no one dared criticize Shannon. Well, today, today...all that would change.

The gloved hand stirred up the power saw as it grumbled gradually to a sickening commotion. It got louder and louder as he stirred it up more and more. He picked up a pair of glasses from the desk and slowly walked across the corridors of Crab Heights. He would not mind who watched him, as some students ran away in fright on coming across him. His head was masked, and only his glasses were visible. The power saw grew louder and louder in noise, his destination, Shannon’s class.

The lecturer had gone out of discipline and sensually caressed Shannon in a poor attempt to hide it from other students. They were smart forensic psychologists in the making and saw right through it. Shannon on the other hand got up and kissed him on the lips. The worst thing, he never even tried to push her away.

Something all of a sudden distracted everyone. Screams, feet clattering about in scramble after something, like the scramble for Africa by the colonialists. The lecturer got Shannon off him and curious to know what was happening, poked out his head to see. His blood beautifully gushed off his neck to the nearest student as the power saw went right across it. It was beautiful. Like a well-placed surgical tool to an autopsy victim at the morgue.

There was a brief silence in class as the power saw was the only noise in the air. Then...very twisted screams came out. The teens were simply chilled, not in a cool way, but a frightened one. The situation was worsened when the masked bespectacled man came in. Like something off a horror movie only...real!

Shannon was besides fear when the figure wielding the power saw called her out by name.  He also added that he was going to drag her straight into hell, then rape her and cut off her head. Only to rape her carcass over and over again. All of a sudden she did not feel so hot as she yelled out and in the mist of her scream, echoed the sirens of police cars, heading for the school. It was a fair distance away. Would they make it in time to save Shannon?

Detective Azacoupe and Leah Union had to cut short their annual memorial commemoration to address the serious situation. The lives of some teens at Crab Heights were in danger from a psychopath wielding a power saw. From what they had, he had been dressed like the grim reaper and instead of a scythe, had favored a power saw, a mightily frightening tool indeed, even for a psychopath.

They were still a distance off and from experience, they knew response time determined everything between salvation of victims and apprehension of an offender. The ultimate race against time, or against...death.


The power saw culprit had brought with him a pair of men, half bleeding. One had tried to subdue him, but he had countered and slashed off his thighs, still allowing him to walk, but in immense pain. The other, he had fetched himself off the staff room as he sliced off his right hand and forcing him to the classroom with him. They had been both lecturers, males. What other thing they had in common, they had slept with Shannon, that bitch of a student.

It had been from the staff room that some lecturers had managed to call the police and therefore, detective Jean and his colleagues.

It was as if everyone were asleep. They all seemed so peaceful, lying on the desks, chairs and...Wait, that floor. That floor was full of crimson red blood. It had not yet coagulated and looking further from the first person in the classroom, blood still dripped intermittently off the forehead of a nondescript man. He seemed, awkwardly out of place, being in a class full of teens in uniform.  Alongside him, lay a power saw that still revved its coarse noise across the deadly silent room. What had happened had been clear. This was a mass murder, and from the telltale signs at the scene, it was a personal vendetta.

Some students were still alive, among them, Jennifer and Civer. They were scared to death. The other lecturer was forced to the teacher’s table at the front and he was sliced in half, mercilessly. It was like a magic show gone terribly wrong. One that was an epic fail. The stunt man was really split in two and would never be recovered to wholeness.

Jennifer had not yet seen it, she had thought this had been some random attacker at the school. As if thinking on a similar pattern to Jennifer, Civer looked back at her. Could it be? No way...couldn’t it have been...the Librarian!

Oh my God! Jennifer clasped her hand over her mouth. The librarian, still masked walked over toward Shannon with the head of her former sex mate, a shameless lecturer. He threw it at her, she fell to the ground and begged for her life. Other students had never seen her so humbled before. Her four friends tried to follow suit but all their heads, necks, teats and Mons were chopped off without any second thought. He chopped off their vaginas while Shannon watched in horror. He laughed all through it as the other students watched in fright. It was such a beautiful moment for him, he simply reveled in it.

Jennifer got up from her seat and tried to plead with the librarian though she never mentioned that it was the librarian. She cared about him and only knew he was doing this in retribution to what Shannon and her dead friends had done to him. He was a bit justified and other students loved it when they saw Shannon cry on the floor. She was so helpless and useless. Money could not buy away this mess.

The detectives were suddenly in the school premises trying to run toward the class where the culprit had last been seen. They were desperate.

The librarian allowed Jennifer and Civer to leave as he did not want to hurt them. They had been his best friends in that school and when he looked at them, he saw his own daughter. A peaceful soul. Then, the three detectives, Jean, Dubois and Union found him. They all had their guns drawn out at him, warning him to drop the power saw or they drop him. He had come prepared indeed, wearing a bullet proof vest. He looked back at them and then laughed hysterically. They looked at each other in bewilderment. Without harming Jennifer and Civer, he moved forward, much closer to Shannon and before he could kill her, three shots hit his back. He was still moving as Shannon screamed out. Azacoupe noticed the vest and shot him twice in the head, killing him instantly. Jennifer cried in agony and picked up the power saw, then...cut off Shannon’s head.

Everyone was shocked beyond belief. The detectives simply lowered their weapons and did not know how to react.

Civer looked at Jennifer and Jennifer looked back at her.

There was simply nothing to say.































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