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Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018




Home of The Super Bowl Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia state of mind I must speak of

Soft and silken Sisterly affection blanketing by some weakening Brotherly love

A grand inner city of various carnal, pleasure seeking distractions

Enticing tours to roam deep within the soul of the pulse for a private satisfaction

Mm, sandwiched between New Jersey and New York

The main dish of butter rum a la carte can be enjoyed without any forks

Palate dining pleasure catered for three

Swinging balls enjoying the holes in one of Philadelphia’s course as a grand symphony

Ascending the essence of one’s soul

Sliding, gliding, into the internal allurement for the lust of the city from eagerness, foretold

Enjoying the snuggling comfort as the passion for Philadelphia consoles

Shopping for the crowns of pearls and the rapture to seek as the flow patrols

As raindrops falls into a wishing well

Ding Ding ringing of the tongue’s Liberty bell

Change of direction in touring

Minds and bodies to explore all the city’s energetic yearning is now pouring

Mm, curiosity of the depth of the city slowly heading down the lands known as the wet south

Pleasurable tourist sounds to the ears as a soft lick by reputation, savored by mouth

Coastal journey of the nightlife for the tease

A city known to cater as the euphoric brings any tourist down to the kness

Do enjoy Philadelphia’s ecstasy, as I speak of my city, the desires reside in the deep core of me

Home of the Philly Cheese Steak.. For me, only my Tasty Cake dessert as you eat to please

Cum into the city and enjoy the flow of the scorching climatic heat

Thrilling from the rush of each uplifting and down casting beat

Licking your lips as you slowly eat the buffet style city’s gourmet feast

Into the abyss of enchantment as the heighten pulse of the city greets

Never a fee to enjoy, only thrills and more

Bodies and minds in alliance to employ as the extension of your soul deeply explore

Allow the nature of your being to set your spirit free

Inside me city walls to the powers that be

Miles and miles to pound for that souvenir treat

You will return to enjoy Philadelphia after the first initial meet


*This poem was written on my balcony after hopping off the treadmill at 6:30 in the AM


© Copyright 2019 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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