The Killers

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The Killers by Austin and Wyatt BOOM ssssssssss get out of here shouted Wing Man. Ok yelled The Empire soaring over and through the clouds. There is our castle up ahead demanded Wing Man. What if
they don’t let us in asked Empire. Your right belted Wing Man. A course I'm right I’m always right, let's just look for a different place. All right shouted Wing Man. Ok Empire listen you make a
portal I will go through then you go through and we will start there. Ok shouted Empire where can we go as soon as we get in the portal. We can look for someone that will let us In. Yea “like who
will let us in their shelter? they will think we will kill them”. You're right well our name is called The Killers. Ok, that is not what I meant butt face!

The war started at the castle. The castle was down near the west end of the mountains. It was a white castle. Together, Wingman and Emperor ruled 100 acres of land.

The war started because the crows wanted the 100 acres of land and the white castle and all of the gold, iron, diamonds, silver, leather, armor and weapons. The crows had thousands of crows. A
horde was charging the land. Wingman and Emperor had only hundreds of eagles. eventually, the horde took over the white castle and Emperor and Wingman had to win it back!

They started off by going to towns and hanging flyers on wood and houses.

“Help the Wingman and emperor get their castle back! If you help us you’ll get two bars of gold! Warning: Watch out for crows!”

98 men in the town came to help. The Crows put up their flag and the Eagles put up their flag and started charging at each other with their weapons. The emperor made the portal and reached in to
get the white bombs. He waited for two hours. While he was waiting 97 men got killed. The Wingman is helping them hold off the crows. Finally, there were only 3 left, the Wingman, the Emperor and a
man named Jack.

The Emperor threw the white bombs and killed 500 men. Sounds off. They won the castle

and the gold back for us “you're welcome.

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018



I wrote this in fifth grade 

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