An Off Day Poem To Keep The Heart Warm

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Off day poem…no ER patients to tend too, as my mind meanders so freely

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018




Ancient Greeks believed that the stone Amethyst protects the wearer from drunkenness and enables them to keep a balanced mindset

The seduction of the Amethyst

Always a soft hit

It allows my mental capacity to seductively drift

Enigmas of life’s chance

Romance found in its sultry lyrical dance

Asking for my hand, forbidden pleasures in my bed

A silken pathway for me to covet your head

The one that explodes within the essence of life works for me

A hard attraction to provide all my essential needs

Will you allow me to emotional bleed

As I demand you in the middle of the night

To get between my thighs and make things all right

Mmm, thank you and please

Emotional weakened of the worthwhile and the aftermath of the tease

Fiddling the song to a sultry mind

Is so unkind

Dangerous mental liaison, watch your step handsome, when it’s on my time

At least bring the wine

I have the carpet and poetry lines as we float to the sky

I have no idea why this particular rhyme, no lie

Oh, well

Time will tell

Toss a coin in the wishing well

Diamonds is a girl’s best friend

Amethyst a balanced stone to the end

There is influence always behind a queen’s throne

Rather you physically or mentally roam

Umm, I like this

This hide and seek thrilling gift

A sensational camped out under the stars passionate makeshift

An universal Amethyst to keep the mind uplifted

Never a demise for anyone to take a spiraling hit 

Maybe a soft pink lick

Intentions in life never to cause any rift



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