Unfaithful (ft. Sohaaaaail)

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This is a poem I wrote with Sohaaaaail. Tell him I said hi. Also, if you want to be in one of my collaborations, just message me. Also, he did most of the work... He made the cover and arranged the

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018





I went through your phone,
And I saw some crazy stuff,
I saw messages from guys,
Begging you for a meet and fuck,
One of them was thanking you,
For a night of so much fun,
You’ve turned into a whore,
And I’m telling you that we are done,
You’ve slept with many guys,
You turned your back on us,
You promised me your loyalty,
Now you’ve broken all my trust,
I don’t want to be with you,
You’ve been rinsed by many guys,
You used to be my life, but you’ve broken me inside,
Why did you hurt me? I gave you everything I could,
Yet you go and get laid and just damage all our love...


I met you just last week,
You said you were alone.
A list of boyfriends you had was leaked,
And it was really long,
It seems to me that you happen to be,
Cheating on so many others,
You say you're free, yet there's a fee,
Not physically, but emotionally,
Yep, you've been discovered,

I'm glad we didn't go far,
Relieved we did not date.
I found out who you are,
With a most disturbing trait.
I won't see you, yet you want me to.
Isn't four enough?
You won't stay true, won't follow through.
So you I threw out of my list to do.
Indeed, I've caught your bluff...

Written by Sohaaaaail and Bruvton

© Copyright 2018 Bruvton. All rights reserved.

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