She Loved Me For My Money

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Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018



I filled the bathtub to the brim; with a solution of my crystalline tears,
She entered; cleansed her blotted hands in the same; exited as phlegmatically as she had come.

I eccentrically plucked infinite hair from my scalp; throwing them in a heap on the cold floor,  
She swept the same with uncouth ease; into the hollow realms of the fetid dustbin.

I peeled intricate arenas of my skin; with fresh blood oozing out from my wounds,  
She roasted them with salt curry; consuming the appetizing delicacy for nocturnal supper.

I banged my fist hard against the formidable wall; developing a plethora of fractured bone,  
She frigidly tread on the same; exerting unrelenting pressure from her large feet.

I inscribed her name on my bare chest; with the chiseled end of a dagger,  
She laughed boisterously witnessing the same; confronting me with a volley of expletives.

I presented her with a bunch of fragrant rose; at the onset of every dawn,  
She tore the petals with meticulous proficiency; saving the raw buds as natural manure for the plants.

I stripped of bulk of my clothing; to cover her in the abysmal freezing winter cold,  
She shrugged of the same with intrepid nonchalance; to cover her pet sleeping peacefully beside the fire.

I ran marathon distances in the sweltering sun; to fetch her cool water,  
She held the glass for a minute in her hands; spilling its contents completely to blend with disdainful mud.

I carried her unfathomable distances in the desert; when she was unconscious and in tumultuous anguish,  
However the moment she woke up; she gave me a cheeky smile; spitting loads of saliva on my face.

I fed her like a child when she was ill; contracting lethal virus in her blood,  
She bludgeoned me with poignant slaps; mutilating my persona; the moment she acquired back her reservoir of strength.

I worshipped her like a sacrosanct deity; fantasizing about her all monotonous day and night,  
She kicked me in my rear like a slave; commanding me to kiss her toes.

There was a time when I was blessed with bountiful riches; she then loved me like nobody else,  

The tyranny of fate today had rendered me exorbitantly penurious; with meager savings to my credit,  

She had always admired me for my affluence; my insatiable gluttony for embellishing her with gold,  

And at the reigning moment when I was haplessly struggling on the solitary streets,  
She wanted me to relinquish breath; as much as she had once upon a time; superficially loved me.

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