i'm sorry isnt good enough

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its all in the title

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018



Youd think they would make a phrase or words stronger than "im sorry".

Sorry is such a common apology. Bump into a stranger, "oh, sorry". Accidentally hurt your friend playing, "sorry!"

But sometimes, its just not enough. Like when you rip out a persons heart, crumple it. Then you feel so horrible.

But just like paper, no matter how hard you try. What you do. What you say. It will never be the same.

Sure it can be mended and fixed, but never completely. What do you say then??? When you would do anything.

ANYTHING to let that person know; You regret EVERYTHING With every part of you.

When you would put a bullet in your head, Just show them how much you hate yourself

What do you say when you ruin them. They are insecure Scared of losing you You know that will never happen But they dont. I mean, how could they? After what you did.

The accusations continue. The doubt never leaves their mind But its all your fault. Now youre crumpling. Now youre losing your mind

So lost So stressed Anxiety activated Anxiety turns into panic Panic into anger

Trying so hard to find the right words But all you can say is; "Im so sorry" But its not enough. It will never be enough.

A crinkled paper will always have creases As a broken heart will always be damaged.

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