1920's-2000's Radios Essay

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In the 1920’s the car radio is very different then it was in the 2000nds like it was all controlled by knobs, and you only could listen to what was in your area, and it had a lot fewer choices of
stations to listen to. The car Radio Today is a lot different then it was in the 1920’s and some stuff about it is that today cars used buttons and knobs to control the radio, and today's radios
you can listen to a broadcast around the world, and you have a lot more choices of stations to listen to.

Some features about the car radio in the 1920’s-2000nds are still the same. The car radios are still used for music, Entertainment, and always been used for information like news. The radios are
still controlled by nobes. People can broadcast thing across the air and can advertise products from businesses and stores.

Car Radios in the 1920’s Had little knobs to control the radio. You had a few stations to listen on. You only can listen to the radio that is in your distances. 1920’s radios had less technology
and it was kind of a simple structure. The original radio was built in 1913 but over the years the started getting more advanced. The first broadcast was started in 1921 and it just carried on till

Car radios in the 2000th’s have knobs and buttons to control the radio. It has more choices of stations and channels. You can listen to a broadcast around the world. Car radios these days have the
more advanced technology and better connection. Radios these days tells you what is going on on social media.

Car Radios from the 1920’s to now is very different they have a lot of different features. The radios had different technology uses. A Lot of radios are different and a lot of radios are the same.
Radios can get louder than other and do more thing than others. That is the difference between the 1920’s radios and the 2000th’s radios

This was a social studies essay that I wrote 

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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