The Forbidden fruit

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Pls this is a mature content but very thrilling and exciting.

Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018



Love entangles two desperate souls until they become one forming a new path that guides them into relationship without any hinderance, a worthy painful pleasure that incites the heart and jubilate the mind.

Love creates a special bond that surrounds them in a peaceful fire to keep the wicked eyes afar and to lead the jealous one astray, love leads them to a new life bounded by hope, peace and truth until the day for the sacred ceremony comes.

It most times start with temptation looking at her body lustfully, her Sweet lips, her wide as and her full blossom, her long clean angelic traits all these traits striking your imagination going wild you try not to allow your sexual desires ruin you but it can't be controlled and then you feel this powerful force that ascend from you and bros j stands attention greeting her and communicating until the connection is made, she wants it.

You rip her clothes and then start to kiss her until you move to her smooth and tenderly body playing with it and enjoying your fantasies with her making every move count, you lick her until she becomes wet and only your name is heard on her lips.

She decides to be brave and stoop down to get some milkshake to fill her cup, to her it seems you are drained but the real truth you have just started, you move and make a good lick of a tasty ice cream and she plunges into the ocean but she wants more.

And then an extraordinary power from above comes into you and you are filled with unimaginable strength and you lift her like a damsel in distress and mount her on your body then slowly but painfully drive your long sacred sword into her, she groans like never before and bit his ear she breaths heavily on his ear and then he becomes more motivated and increases the pace in which he rocks the boat she screams but is a painful pleasure and she tells him not to fall behind or else she wins.

They ar reaching their climax and like a huge wave in the ocean and splash they are both out but they each refuse to give up, He decided to be changing the styles from scissors to Kama Sutra to doggy though they are exhausted they want it to be a long lasting one and for the last time whoosh and they both collapsed on the bed breathing heavily into each other's ears and admiring and praising the other partner and finally concluding with I hope we can have this another time and light fades to darkness.

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