The Waterfall

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Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018




Rushing down the river, appendages floating in the tugging current. Jagged rocks jut out of the water like spears, tearing unsuspecting boats to shreds. And maybe even humans. Lush scenery whizzed by, a blur of trees and grass and flowers, A long, rough cut tore its way down his face, blood spilling from it and mixing into the river. His head narrowly missed a rock as the current tugged him downriver.  

“Admiral!” A man on the shore hollered, clutching a long board, the remains of their rowboat. “Grab on!” Admiral swam with one arm, desperately fighting the current. He felt the water pushing him back, forcing him to succumb. To let go. To drift down the river. To give up. No! He swam harder, adrenaline and the will to survive fueling him. His weak arm trailed along behind him as he moved slowly through the water, toward the shore. He felt his arm scrape against a sharp rock as he brushed past it, ignoring the stinging pain. Finally, the board was within arms reach. He grabbed for it, and the man on the ground knelt, holding it out as far as he dared. But Admiral’s hands slipped and the current grabbed him, holding on tight. He tried to grab for it again, but the water pulled him away, sweeping Admiral up in its iron fist.

“No!” The man who was ashore cried. “No! Hold on…” His voice was lost in the rush of the water. Admiral felt his consciousness slipping as he drifted onward, his cuts and blisters and bruises aching. He heard the water grow louder. The roaring filled his ears, drowning out the loud thump of his heart. Admiral lifted his head out of the water and gasped. A waterfall. The water was insistent, pulling him down, down, down. He fought wildly, grasping for anything to hold on to. His hands dug into the riverbed, but the crumbling dirt slipped away under his fingers and he continued downriver. Panic coursed through him as the waterfall drew nearer and nearer. Then suddenly it was upon him. The river sent him tumbling through the air as he free fell towards the rapid flowing river below. I can’t die like this! He thought. But down he fell. The air stung, and the long, jagged gash on his face hurt unrelentingly. He closed his eyes. The river bottom drew nearer and nearer until splash! He hit the water and his mind went blank. The air faded into darkness. Nothingness. Forever.


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