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Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018



you thought i could be saved

you thought i needed saving 

you thought you could fix me 

you thought i could be better 

but that just tells me you didnt like me at all 

you thought i was rough wild n raw 

you thought i could be so much more

 you thought that i wasnt already grown 

but ill let the truth be known 

ive be grown since i was 12 years old 

i held true pain inside since i was a young boy 

i wasnt the kid to sit around playing with toys 

i was the kid trying to enjoy life in the darkness

trying to find a way to hide my pain from my brother n mother 

for i have been grown since the 1st time i was pushed aside for someone esle 

since the 1st time they said i couldnt do what i wanted cuz i wasnt dressed right 

or i didnt have enough money 

i was grown when the kids in school laughed cuz my shoes had holes in them 

or when the teachers gave me bad grades cuz i didnt do the work but got the answers right 

when they said my way of doing things is wrong even thou we got things down at the end the same 

just my way was easier n faster .

i wasnt smart nor rich 

so i found ways to someone 

you might not like how i am. 

you might think im less of a man 

but truth you you wil never know the pain i felt 

youll never know how hard it was for me to stand tall 

hold my head up high 

while watching everyone esle pass by 

laughing that i had nothing 

that i would end up being nothing 

n what i did have came from pitty 

but it just made me stronger 

it made me wanna be who they thought id be 

then when they thought i was at my witts end

boom i came out laughing 

i have no shame 

i have have tanted my own name 

but i still say it proudly 

for i know who i am

good i never claimed 

just cuz i live in the dark n enjoy the rain 

that dont make me insane 

you thought my tear were from saddnes n stress

but my tears are a reminder off how far i came 

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