The Herald

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Submitted: June 05, 2018

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Submitted: June 05, 2018



“Here I am, floating through this ocean of murky twilight.”

Philip thought to himself as he drifted endlessly throughout the empty void. His mind still whirling with visions of things to come, and what has already been. His ears, bombarded by voices burned relentlessly.  This entity of darkness that surround him unceasingly forced images into his mind. The voices he heard were coming from the Darkness itself. Whispering of unearthly horrors that hungered for life. Philip’s lungs burned, as they strained to sustain him. His heart raced like a rabbit escaping a lion. Limbs suspending lifessly from his body all he could do was stare into the abyss. Enveloped by shadow he was transported to other worlds. Some strangely like his own, while others, alien to him. Fields of purple and green, with red mountains. Trees that grew high enough to reach the stars. Wild beasts quaking on the ground. Cities that stretched out into the heavens. Where mankind as well as other species lived in harmony, and at war. Man like creatures whose heads bore resemblance to that of a pale snake also roamed these cities. Was not soon after this philip began to realize he was not seeing other worlds, but other realms of existence. All intertwined with one another. What happened in one could still affect the others like a ripple through water. Where had he come from, which world was his? 

Panic began to set in as Philip floated without control through space and time. Daks’isototh wrapped his darkness around Philip’s mind. Wrenching away any control he might have had. His thoughts where is own, but his actions were not. Soon his thoughts would be drowned out by the will of the Dark One. He demanded that Philip spread awareness of himself to others. There was no God, only blackness. Daks’isototh seeks recognition for the darkness of night, and the shadows of day. If he willed it, all life would cease. It is he who hides under a child’s bed, and it is he that causes the burning feeling of someone watching you. Darkness is everywhere at all times no one is ever truly alone.

“Why did he choose me for this terrible task?” Philip asked himself gripped by fear. A voice answered him.

“I simply wish to bestow the knowledge you so ruthlessly hunted. It was your great thirst that brought you to me.” An image of a shadowy face appears in his mind’s eye. “Every man, woman, or child you helped brought you closer. Emily was particularly, effective.” Philip could almost hear the beast grin wickedly. “She was nothing more than a puppet. An empty shell in which to speak through. I took her back, like I did you.” Phillip shook his head in disbelief. 

“How did I herald your coming? My mission is not finished.” He cried. More images poured into his mind, gaining a wealth of knowledge that was unprecedented. Both a blessing and a curse. Daks’isototh had been there for the creation of man. For the rise and fall of empires, and finally for the end of days. He resides in all times at once future, past, and present.

“You will return, and with this gift of knowledge you will make them all believe. They do not fear me like they used to. I will unleash my seven sons to rain havoc on them all. Let those who survive learn to fear the dark again. I feast upon it.” Philips heart and mind screamed out for mercy. Like a raging river crashing into his very being he was overwhelmed by it all.” With all of this knowledge gained he knew that Daks’isototh was right. The humans needed to know that there was more in the darkness then they ever imagined possible. Philip had transcended into another plane of existence, where he no longer felt the burden of humanity. As the darkness rolled over him he reveled in it. 

Gifted with powers beyond his wildest nightmares he was flung back into his world. When he first opened his eyes he was laying on a bed in an all white room. He could hear faint beeping sounds coming from the next room over. Soon a man in a light blue mask leaned over him. With wide eyes he shouted to the others to come and see. Philip had been dead for three minutes, and still weak he shut his eyes. The nurses had just begun transporting him from his hospital room when he opened his eyes again. The room was spinning, and the white lights burned at his eyes. His limbs heavy and aching at his sides. More men and woman rushed to his bedside. Shocked by his sudden recovery they ran many tests on his body. After a short time he regained most of his movement, but most importantly his ability to speak.

Both madness and reason blazed in his eyes. He knew that he needed to leave this place. Philip lay gently on his bed waiting for a nurse to come by. He grew tired of the cables that clung to his skin like leeches, and the tubes that were up his nose. He remained patient, and calm as the first nurse came to his bedside. His hand quickly grasped her wrist so she could not pass him again. She shrieked as his cold skin met hers. His voice was weak as he spoke to her.

“Release me from these things. I have no need of them anymore.” The nurse quickly called over a doctor to check, and see if Philip was healthy enough to be unhooked. Everything was normal, in fact for someone nearly eighty years of age his vitals were well above average. It was if they were reading the vital signs of a young man. Stunned by his new vitality the doctors unhooked him from the machines that were monitoring him. “Thank you for your care, but I must be going now.” He said as he stood up nimbly. Casually he strolled out of the hospital sliding passed nurses and patients alike. The Sun stung his eyes for a few moments as he stepped outside for the first time in what felt like ages. Philips body didn’t ache with old age anymore. He moved through the streets with renewed vigor. The likes of which he hasn’t known since his youth.

“I have given you this gift so that you can sow the seeds of my return. Together we will strip away the light mankind has worked so tirelessly to build. Return this world to natural order. Strong prey upon the weak, and the weak are food for the strong.” The voice of Daks’isototh echoed in his mind. Reverberating like music through the halls of a great cathedral.  As he walked along the sidewalk a small child ran into him while not paying attention. Philip put his hand on the boys shoulder to steady him. As he did this he noticed the light in his young eyes begin to dim. As if he was being aged suddenly he lost the sparkle of innocence in his eye. Philip quickly removed his hands from the lad startled by what happened. The boy feebly walked passed him all of his youthful energy drained. A mocking laughter entered Philips mind as he wondered what he did to the boy. “Spread my knowledge.” is what went he heard now. “The light is a lie.” Philip knew this, he knew everything there was to know. Daks’isototh’s influence on him was great, and it taught him of all things. The power of space and time. The great void in the center of the multiverse that held everything in place. Without it all reality would be flung into chaos and destroyed. The eternal unending darkness that is Daks’isototh is also the fabric of our very realty. He is the spaces inbetween the stars of the nights sky. He enjoys watching his playthings meander about their daily meaningless lives. Grasping at the hope for a brighter tomorrow, it was enough to cause Philip to burst into laughter for a moment. Looking mad as he walked on through the streets glaring at everyone he passed with a piercing look that would send shudders down the spine of the sane, and insane alike. Philip as he was known before is no more. Only the will of the Dark One drives him now. For once you know the truth of all things what is left?

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