Dream/Nightmare Series: Misleading Dream

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The first of my dream/nightmare series. A wonderful day takes a wrong turn in my today's dream.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



Dream Series: Book 1


The day started out like any other. Kiseki’s alarm went off at 8:00 am, but she turned it off and closed her eyes once more, only to try and think about her dream. Eventually, she ended up falling back to sleep once more. Her mother tried several times to wake her up saying things such as, “Kiseki get up!” or “How are you ever going to regulate your sleeping schedule if you are sleeping in late?” Her attempts to awake her sleeping daughter was futile because Kiseki just kept on sleeping, paying no attention to the time.

She woke up at 12:00 pm, deciding that she should finally get out of bed and greet the day. As usual, she was more mentally tired than last night because of her wild dreams. She wrote the things she remembered in her notebook and checked her phone for any messages giving away today’s agenda. To her dismay, her phone had over twenty messages. Some were from her friends, asking her if she was coming to badminton today. The majority, however, was from her family asking when someone was off from work soon, if her father could pick up some stuff from the grocery store, when her sister was getting off work, whether or not Kiseki and her mother were playing badminton tonight, and if Kiseki’s brother was closing the badminton gym.

She went about her day, sewing some new mini plushies, writing her stories, eating, watching YouTube and Netflix, creating keychains for her family, and drawing. Her father got home around 5:00 pm, signaling her and her mother to go shower and get ready to go the badminton gym. Soon she and her parents left for the gym. They met up with her brother and sister at the gym. They played for 3 hours and left for dinner. The family decided to go to a sushi restaurant for a late-night dinner.

While they were leaving the restaurant, they saw some kids throwing rocks into the air. Soon they realized that the kids were throwing rocks at bats. Kiseki’s parents told them to stop throwing rocks because someone could get hurt and that they shouldn’t disturb animals. They scanned the sidewalk to see if they actually hit any of the bats. To their dismay, the kids had indeed hit some bats. Kiseki’s dad kept an eye on the kids to make sure they didn’t run away, and her mom left to go find the parents. Kiseki went over to the bats to see how injured they were. Three out of the seven hit bats were visibly hurt. Thankfully, the three bats only had a few scratches here and there, nothing broken. The other four got up from the sidewalk and flew away.

Kiseki got the hurt bats to trust her, and the furry little things climbed onto her hand. She asked her parents what they wanted to do about the bats. They agreed that they should take them home for some R&R while they healed. She held them in her hands as they walked home from the restaurant. When they got home, she put them in medium sized bird cage so that they didn’t fly around too much because she didn’t want them to aggravate their wounds. She carefully treated the wounds. She nudged her face against the bats to feel their soft fur on her face. After a couple of minutes of feeling their fur she put them back inside of the cage. Then, she turned the lights off in the room and went to sleep.

 A couple of weeks went by, and the bats were ready to be released. She and her brother released them to where they had been found and set home in the safety of the night. They returned home and slept. She went into the laundry room, where the bats had been kept, to make sure she cleaned everything. She said hi to her mother and cleaned away.

She finished cleaning and decided to play something on the Xbox. As she exited the laundry room, she went past a small window. As she passed by, a brown and gray bird with eyes that resembled a blind, dead corpse, flew, with an unknown rage, against the mesh screen of the window. This random act of violence caused Kiseki to jump and fell to the floor. She froze, not able to talk or move. She just sat there and stared into the bird’s cold eyes, as it tried to scratch through the screen and get to her. She felt a sensation of safety and relief.

As soon as those feelings washed over her, the bird broke through the screen and she said, “Help.” Kiseki tried to scream, but instead her desperate pleas for help came out as a whisper. The bird dove at her with rage and power, as she was still sitting on the ground, and screamed at her as he swarmed and attacked her.

At that moment her heart beat faster than ever before and she thought, “I shouldn’t have frozen. I should have closed the glass screen and the blinds. I should have screamed for help. I should have… I should have…” She continued to think about how she should have screamed or yelled, she felt that she was entirely alone in the house the moment she stepped out of the laundry room.

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