It was an untouched nook,

filled with only sacred silence.

But you invaded in,

and became an unasked company.

You built a faith

I had never experienced before.

But as the warm summer got over,

on the sweet space grew poison.

That poison killed my faith.

That poison made me cold.

I have shed the skin of sin,

for you may call it so.

But that was all the soft inside.

Now the demon shall lead the role.

The tears shed, don't mistake as weak.

For they will nurture the growing beast.

A ripple you supposed it to be,

is a storm set to engulf all.

The rays from beyond the horizon,

are coming to graze the mountain of dirt.

I have not lost the path,

my foot marks shall create one instead.

Unlike you, conquering the world,

I shall conquer my own self first.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Shivpriya. All rights reserved.

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