With Love, from Spain

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A poem about how a girl finds love, stay tuned it will continue...with Love or ...

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



With Love, From Spain I travelled across the great Atlantic Ocean,

An event in my destiny was set in motion,

To the country of the Spaniards,

Where exist fragrant vineyards,

The deep blue ocean captured my attention,

Heading to the gorgeous beach was a part of my intentions,

Getting out from the hotel as fast as I can,

Took an Uber ride in a mini van,

To the beautiful beach, covered with numerous seashells,

And where the ocean swelled,

There was chaos around me,

The background was filled with noises of laughter and no grief,

There I found a shade under a palm tree,

A perfect spot to escape the simmering heat,

As I laid blanket in the shade,

Someone caught my attention a little late,

He was standing near the tree watching the waves,

He was so handsome, o lord please save!

Toned muscular body, jet black hair,

Eyes deep and green like the forests , with a sensational stare,

He looked in deep thought, didn't notice me at all,

I stopped doing every work, my heart had dialled the admire call,

Suddenly I heard a heavenly voice,

My mind woke up as it had no choice,

The godly stranger spoke,

My trance broke,

You don't mind if I sit here,

Yes you can sit, I said , my happiness for my new dear,

He gazed into my eyes, like Romeo,

Me as Juliet in my thoughts made a cameo,

He asked me sweetly about me,

I , like an open book, told everything about me,

He seemed interested to know me,

I wanted him to kiss me,

He looked in my eyes intensely as if searching something,

He said I looked like his lost sibling ,

My dreams broke in one stroke,

Why does it happen to me, oh my lord?

I was dumbstruck to say anything,

He smiled and went away taking my heart n everything,

To till this day I remember it,

I came home from Spain with the love of a sibling...

U may think that,

But he wasn't my destiny you should know that,

I found there someone,

Who was my THE ONE.....

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