The Old Right Winger.

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The town's footbal club was struggling to stay in the league, until the old winger came along.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



An hour before the football match started, I found my way to the manager's office. I was shaking terribly, for this was something unusual I came to ask. I wanted to join the club as a player. He opened the door and let me in. ""What can I do for you?'' He asked, leaning back in his chair.I came straight out with it. ''I want to be a player in your team.''
''Are you joking, and come here to waste my time?'' He asked.
''I'm serious,'' I said. ''I can get you back in a good league position. At the moment, you're lying third from the bottom with not many more matches left to play. It's not going well in the papers about you.''
''Is that so,'' he said, '' and what can you do to change the situation?''
''If you put me on at half time, you'll see what I can do. You have to take the risk, and it could save you from getting the sack, and the club going into relegation. Do you want that?''
''Of course no one wants that to happen. Look at yourself though, you wont last 2 minutes on the pitch. This is not a kiddies game. This is big time footbal with lots of money at stake. How old are you?''
I told him that I was just turning 76, but I was fit, and if I couldn't deliver, I would not have come here to make myself look like a fool.''
He looked at me seriously. ''Alright, go get yourself change, and I'll introduce you to the rest of the team. What position you'd like to play in?''
''Right winger.''
''Are you joking?''
''Right winger position is where I can deliver. All you need to do is have some medics close by.''
The manager said, ''You're a real joker, but what have I to lose?''

It was a home game, and I met up with the other players in the team room. They were all surprised when they first saw me. The manager explained to them what he was going to do, and you could see on the faces of some of them, that they thought this was madness. Most of the team was young fit players in their 20s and 25s. The oldest must have been the keeper who was pushing 40.

One of the backs had a word with the manager. He told the manager that the team they were playing were really dirty players. They always fasten themselves on a good player, and bring him down often.
''I think I have some experiebce of all that,'' I told him.

Play started and our team were trailing behind 3-1. They needed  this game badly.

Half time game and they were still 3-1 down. I was dressed up in the club's kit, and just before the game started, I was running up and down the pitch. I heard people asking, ''Who's that? Never seen him before! He looks too old for this game. He'll never last.''
We lined up to start the second half. On the right, the ball came to me, and I was off like a bullet, I crossed over and our centre forward slipped it into the right corner, leaving the goalkeeper sprawled out on the ground. The whole stadium was in an uproar. The fans of our club went wild. I was still there on the right down on my right knee, trying to catch breath.. I kept a bit easy the next kick off. I was more or less in a run-walk situation. Then the ball came to me, and with a burst of speed, I moved up the right wing, beat two players, moved into the centre, and chipped the ball into the far left corner. That was it, I hope they had my coffin at the side and ready. My legs felt like butter, like they were going to collapse. My head was was spinning round so fast, I couldn't make out any one in the stadium. Then it all went away., and I felt like a bull that had beenset loose into the stadium to go and get the matador. Both club was now 3-3 with ten minutes left to play. Again, the ball came to me on the right wing, I controlled it, then lobbed it over into the goal area where the left wing player came in to head it in. I would only go on to play in other games when they weren't doing so well.

The End.

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