The dimmed star within

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Mankind has as a whole lost sight of what matters and there are just too many of us, brought into suffering and not to love. A sense of safety that we're missing, while other precautions are
supposed to make us safe. Actual families are less common. The beauty of relationships have faded more for every year that has passed. We've taken eachother for granted

You can never be truly happy if you do not take your own responsibility.

Don't be reckless with other peoples hearts and don't let them be reckless with yours.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



I can percieve your inner light

The beauty of who you are

Often though, not a pretty sight

There are but few who shine like a star


In this world filled with misery and hate

Lacking the companionship and love we once had

Leaves infront of us this cruel fate

makes the ones who once shone go completely mad


Cause alone, even the brightest light will fade

Cause people are too weak to face their inner shade

Stuck in the mess that we have made

Before we're gone, that price is paid


Cause we chose the life that gave only a dime

Blinded by petty goals that in the end have no meaning

and that is mankinds greatest crime.

Losing the thing that once upon we were leaning


Giving and recieving with the one that we love

Someone who burns and shines for you

In your eyes, that person's a captivating dove

But for that you have to wear the same shoe


We've forgotten what makes life good

Our responsibility and our spark

we've strayed too far from where we once stood

Now we're bound by an eternity in the dark



Although there are few who are still sane

Who may ignite that spark, lighting the flame once again

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