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Introduction from Brodie: the meaning behind this story is that there isn't a meaning. It only follows a theme: perception. The meaning is what you perceive from it. What combines fantasy & Reality. Using your own perspective of it. The meaning is your own interpretation.  That's the fun part of perception. It can go in any direction. Start to question more instead of guessing. Find the meaning yourself and you'll eventually get it. Read it over 8 times. It takes 8 times to actually get something to settle in the human brain. Don't be delirious and con yourself

You'll figure it out, my beautiful little flower.

The story you are about to read is about…


Chapter 1: Fantasy,


In life, things often come in pairs.





You get the point. What I’ve realized is that all of these follow a certain sequence. Like for example: A male meets a female. He greets her, and eventually, one will end up leaving. Which makes love turn to hate. And that one person who gave them life just brought them death. But I found something that doesn't follow that order. Let alone, even crosses paths.

Reality and fantasy

All you really see is reality. You never will meet fantasy. But really, how cool would it be to live in a world where anything is possibly. The fun of not knowing and the rush associated with it.




I decided to get a notebook to write everything I desire to know about fantasy. I wrote that and never touched it again. Until everything happened. I'll start from the beginning. I became so interested in searching for fantasy that I was doing anything to find it. I found myself trying drugs to get high and go on vivid trips, but I never got high no matter how much I took. So then I tried staying up for many nights in hopes of hallucinating but that never worked. I was just extremely paranoid and on edge. The last thing I tried to do was lucid dreaming. I've seen videos on youtube of people telling stories of what they saw in their vivid dreams. So I picked up on doing it. I was never successful. I found myself squirming around, scratching an itch, or getting so agitated that nothing is happening that I break my focus. At this point I was desperate. I really wanted to experience fantasy badly. One night, I saw a shooting star and wished I could experience fantasy. Little did I know, I would be getting more than I bargained for.  That night, I went to sleep and woke up in the hospital the next day.


Chapter 2: The Hospital,


I was strapped to a bed covered in blood. Literally. Head to toe covered in blood. I feel my head to find that I have stitches and my knee had a Ace bandage wrapped around it. All I had on was a hospital gown that was ill fitting and too big. The room I was in was dimly lit, had scratch marks on the wall that looked to be from some animal. There were computers surrounding me and to my right, an IV is in my arm. The bag for the IV thingy was completely drained. I looked to my left and I saw a heart rate monitor ringing with no signs of any heart beat. I started to panic. I screamed “Help!! Somebody help me” I looked directly in front of me and I saw an open door with blood dripping from the knob. Above the door was a clock with the second hand going counter clockwise, the minute hand going clockwise. There was no hour hand. I looked up and there was a bright light shining down on me that somehow made the whole room look bright compared to how I had perceived earlier. I wiggled and worked my arms free. I reached to the light and grabbed the light bulb. It was incredibly hot and was hurting my hand. I loosened it free and broke it over the operating table next to m-- wait...operating table? I don't understand how I didn't see it. I threw the remains I had of the light bulb to the side and grabbed for the sharpest object on the table. It was a drill. I switched it on and it was incredibly loud. Really, it sounded like it was being blasted through an amplified speaker. Whatever. I went to cut myself free and the latches of the belt that held me down snapped and I instantly became free. My chest felt like a weight had been lifted off it.I flung the drill to the floor and it shut off when two batteries came out, one Double A and one Triple A. I sat myself up, yanked the IV out of my arm  and looked around the exterior of the room more. I got a better look of the room that was being blocked off by all the monitors. There was a desk to the left side of me. I made my way over to it. When I felt something run across my foot. I looked on the floor and there was nothing. I kept walking to it and I felt more of that feeling. I looked down and there was a crowd of cockroaches running around the floor.

They formed two words:

Mia Rife

I saw it as a name. “Who's Mia?” I asked the roaches thinking they’d respond. They scurried away. “Great” I looked to the desk and opened a drawer. Inside it was a note that looked to be taken from a notebook.


Chapter 3: Mia,


The note read “Mia, you have made a fool out of yourself for the last time. I'm tired of what you've been doing. You've ruined everything. You corrupted the relationship between your mother & I. And you’re outbursts have become too regular, let alone your drug habits becoming too perpetual. I think it's best we send you away to recover. I know your disability makes it hard for you to function. But you must stop taking after what you see on TV. You must know the difference between Fantasy & Reality. I understand that the first few weeks here will be rough but it's only to make you better, a normal person who contributes to society. I love you Mia. You're my special little angel You mean the world to me and I can't sit back and watch television and the internet ruin your outlook of reality. I can't watch your visionsuffer. I love you and I hate to see you in this crisis. Don’t continue to be the victim of evil. Get more in touch with God. you need him to look down on you from Heaven. Is it a coincidence that you conned us with your lies & deciet? Or did you purposely make us look bad? That’s all I have to say for now. I won’t hold you up. plus , I’m running out of space on the paper. Write back. Love you, Dad”

I looked in the drawer and see a gun. I picked it up to see if it was loaded. I opened it up and it had 4 bullets in a chamber that could hold 5. I took it just in case I needed to use it. With the gun in one and and the letter being held next to it. Pressed together. I looked at them both and tried to piece together why a mentally unstable girl would have a gun in her room with one bullet missing. Something wasn't right.


Chapter 4: Novisi the Beast,


I walk down an empty hallway that looked endless. Gun in my hand, and the letter gripped to the gun tightly to the same hand. So tightly that it was becoming crumpled and wet from the sweat on my hands

I hear a loud noise that, to me, sounded like growling. I look behind me...nothing

I motion my way forward and hear it again...nothing. My hands start getting shaky. I hear tiny footsteps pattering and laughing that sounds like a little girl. The footsteps move their way past me but I saw nothing. “What the fuck?” I whispered to myself. I hear the growling come closer and I see two eyes. I raise the gun and aim it at the darkness. I locked onto where I thought it was coming from, I cock the gun, Aim & Fire. I hear a loud roar like I made it upset. I ran down the hall as fast as I could. I dropped the note behind me and decided to turn right to the first door I saw. I enter the room and SLAM the door behind me. I hear it clawing at the door


I hear a man yell “Novisi What are you doing out? Get back to your room!” I hear the beast whine. The man says “Now. I mean it Novisi!!” I hear it drag it's way back to the room. I hear keys jingling as he opens the door. A man wanders in covered in blood. “Hi there, I'm Doctor Ruffes. Who might you be?”

I respond, “Don't worry about me. Explain to me what the hell is happening?”

He replies with, “you seem agitated”

I yell back “No shit”

“Take a seat”

“No. Why?”

“Relax your breathing and take a seat”

“given the situation, I think relaxing my breathing, or relaxing: PERIOD, will help”

“it'll all be okay”

“It won't. You act like waking up in a hospital room that belonged to a mentally unstable girl with a gun, and getting chased down a hall by some beast is a normal recurring thing.”

“Go back a step”


“What did you say about an unstable girl with a gun. Explain more”

“I don't know where to start. I dropped a note to her in the hallway if you wanna go back and look for it.”

“Let's have a look then”


Chapter 5: Innocence,


We walk out the door and the hall was completely clean. No blood. I fall to the floor, searching for a letter that clearly was nowhere to be seen. I had the gun my hands pressed down on the floor. I look up and a woman is standing directly above me

“Hi” she says. Her voice was so nice to listen to. Made me feel safe, secure and I had a sense of reassurance that everything was okay. Of course...I was still stuck in ‘asshole mode’

“Who the hell are you?” I say being unnecessarily rude. “Well, I'm Connie deec. But you can call me Conn D” she says followed by a laugh followed up with a snort. I had no idea what was so funny given the situation. “can you follow me?” she asks. I say “sure. I guess.” as we're walking down the hall she says to me “doctor Ruffes heard what you said and was concerned. He said you were talking about a gun and an unstable girl with it. Unfortunately we have to bring you in for questions because we take these situations seriously.”

I say “I was back there searching for a note that was dropped as I was running down the hall by a girl named Mia Rife. I found it in a desk in the room I woke up in”

She says. “A desk?”

“Yeah a desk. It was right near a hospital bed I was strapped to.”


“I know”

We turn a corner and are faced with two elevator doors. As soon as she presses the down button, I feel a cold wind blow by me and the lights flicker violently and the elevator doors open revealing two women standing on each side of a hospital bed with an old man in hysterics “you have to believe me. I don't belong here. You people are sick. Truly sick. I don't know how you can trap an old man like me in a place where he doesn't belong. One of the ladies asked to see the gun I had. Without thinking, I handed it to her. She took it. “Now listen Mr. Tim, we won't hesitate to use this on you

The other girl calls out “Liv. Let him be.”

The old man gets more agitated

“What are you waiting for. Do it if you're going to you bitch.”

Liv says “you don't wanna go down this road Mr. Tim. I'm warning you.”

Mr. Tim says “I don't care amymore. You stripped me of my innocence. If I'm gonna die eventually. You can just put an end to it now. Bitch”

Liv raised the gun “don't call me a bitch. You have no right”

Mr. Tim says with no shame and with no emotion in his voice


Liv says “I'm warning you”


“I'll do it. I don't care anymore”






The other lady steps in “please stop while you have some dignity left. Your life is at stake Mr. Tim”

Mr. Tim replies “bitch”

Liv says

“1. Times up Mr. Tim”

He screams at the top of his longs “BITCH! BITCH BITCH BITCH. NO GOOD STINKIN NASTY ROTTEN FOUL BIT---” only to be cut off by the bullet going straight through his head and finally silences him. She did it without thinking. She just took the gun, cock it, Aim & Fire at him without any care.  Liv hands me my gun back. I was stunned

“W-w-why the

would you do that? You just took a mans life without even thinking twice! W-what can you even say for yourself after that?”

She replies coldly “Who's the bitch now? Ain't me. Vic shoulda knew when to shut his stinkin mouth. Who's the bitch? Ain't me. No no. It Ain't me and won't never be me” the elevator door opens and we leave as the lady covers Vic with a blanket.

Liv says “leave him be Neveah. There ain't nothing to be done no more.” We turn and watch as the elevator door close while a man lays dead in a hospital bed who lost his life over something so small and minute that could’ve been avoided, along with two women, one of which has a maniacal grin on her face and the other in fear

of her own safety. It closes and we casually going about the day, like nothing ever happened


Chapter 6: Issues,


We enter a dark room with one light shining down on a table. It literally looked like something out of a movie. Like where the detectives interview you. Connie sits me down and then leaves. “Where are you going?” I ask.

Connie answers sweetly “Don’t worry sweety. What happens next doesn’t involve me.”

I ask her “Wait. what’s gonna happen”

She replies “Good luck hunny”

She closes the door.


I was stuck in the room for hours until the one light went out in the room. Now I was stuck in the dark with nothing to occupy myself with.

“This day is just going great.”

Finally I hear a door open and a bag drop onto the floor. I rush over “wait. Are you the guy who’s gonna ask me questions.” I get no response and the door closes. I search to find a switch using the light from the cracks of the door to give me an idea of where on the wall I was. I ran my hand across the wall until it bumped into a switch. I flipped it and what I saw in front of me was a bag. It was like a bag that football players put their equipment in. I go to unzip it and cockroaches come rushing out. One crawled on my hand and I shivered with discontent. They rush over to the floor to form another clue for me. They eventually all line up to form the word issues.

I go “What does that mean? Explain more” They deteriorate into the ground to leave the word issues ingrained in the floor. I look in the bag to find more letters. I grabbed the first one I saw.  It read, “Mia, what is this I’ve heard about you. The doctors have been telling me you’ve been making little to no progression. One of the nurses told me you showed up to your meeting with bloody wrists. You can’t be weak. You have issues you need to resolve and digging away at yourself won’t do any good. That’s all I have to say for now. Till then, keep your mother & I in mind before you go and inflict pain upon yourself. Don't make yourself the victim.  I wish you would talk more instead of getting so hung up in fantasy. Life isn’t a game. You don’t get second chances. When it’s over. It’s over. Stay safe and write back. Love Dad.” I go to read another letter but I hear the door knob turn.


Chapter 7: Learning More,


I rush to my seat, luckily there was a guy talking to him as he was about to enter my room. I hear the man say, “Right back atcha big guy” he laughs but as he walks in, his smile turned into a more disgruntled look. He was a bald man, short and chubby, when he came in, I could clearly see he was a mess because he had coffee stains on his suit jacket and cigarette burns on the right leg of his pants right below his knee. He looks over to me, “Alright boy, I hear you have some news to tell me about a mentally unstable girl with a gun?”

“Yeah” I say.

“Care to explain?”

“I can’t explain what I don’t even know is happening.”

“Tell me what you know son. Let’s start with your name”

“I don’t give that out to strangers”

“Don’t think of me as a stranger.”

“I don’t even know your name so what the hell?”

“My name is Ross, and you are?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Son, you have to comply with us.”

“I just don’t think I’m obligated to tell you like you aren’t obligated to know. You came here seeking information about a mentally unstable patient. Not a fucking ‘get to know each other’ game”

“Fair enough. Fair enough. Do you have a name for this patient.’

“Yes. Her name is Mia Rife”

He goes silent for a bit…

“What else do you know about her?”

“Well I found letters from her dad along with a gun missing a bullet”

“Right. Where did you find all this.”
“I had no clue where I was. So it’s hard to say but it looked like an operation room. There was a desk where I found the letter and the gun”

“What else was in the desk?”

“I didn’t look. I just took the gun and the letter and ran off”

“So you left your room?”

“Yeah, and then I got chased from this beast named Novisi. I lost the note sadly. bu-”

He interrupts me,

“You lost me for a sec. You got chased down the hall by a beast named Novisi? Do you realise how insane that sounds”

“Do you wanna know what happened next? This doctor named Ruffes apparently works with it. I go out to the hall to look for the note. Sadly, I couldn’t find it. But this nurse named Connie Deec took me and told me to see you.”

“Who the hell is Connie?”

“She goes by Conn D”

“This story sounds insane. Let me show you something”


“1. We have NEVER EVER had a patient named Mia Rife,

2. This hospital doesn’t have any monsters named Novisi

3. I don’t know of anybody named Connie or Ruffes.. Try and see what you can make of these words.”

“What words?

“Mia Rife, Novisi, Ruffes, or Connie Deec.”

“well , Novisi could make out Vision, and Ruffes can make out Suffer…” wait, these words coincide with the letter. Connie Deec makes out ‘Coincidence’”

“Why do these words come up?”

“Well I saw them in the letter. They were actually underlined.”

“I think that you made this whole thing up!”

“And why would I do that?”

“Who knows. To con people. Just like Conn D sounds out ‘Conned’ which is exactly what you did.”

“I’m telling you, that’s not what I did, I found more letters.They’re in that duffle bag” I point over to an empty space. I felt so embarrassed. I still had my gun. So something in me was telling me this guy was lying or keeping me from some big secret that I wasn’t meant to see. Without saying a word, I cock it, Aim & Fire. He falls to the floor and dies. I walk over to the door and open it. I am greeted with a woman standing in front of the door.


Chapter 8: Mental State,


She looks at me and says, “Do you want answers?”

And I say “yes”

She runs off and starts to laugh. It sounded just like the laugh i heard when being chased by Novisi. I follow her. She runs to a door that leads to a stairwell, we go up 3 flights of stairs, go through a door that leads to the main floor. I follow her down a long hallway and she eventually makes a left into a room. This was the room, I woke up in.I look around and find her under the bed. I go to the bed, FLASH, she’s gone, she goes to where the table where the instruments are, I go to grab her, FLASH, I fall face first into the table getting a scalpel right in my head. I go to take it out, and i feel blood raining down my head and onto my gown. At this point, I’m drenched in blood and my head is killing me. I lay down, but spot my gun on the floor, across from my bed. I see the girl go to pick it up and i get up in such a rush that I fall back onto the bed and then lose my grip and back onto the floor, I feel the scalpel digging into my kneecap and scrape away at my bone. I was bloody and in pain. I rip it out and rush over to the gun. The girl is cocking it back, looks over at me, then at the gun, over to me, then back to the gun, and over to me. She takes one last look at the gun and says in a distorted voice, “Mia & Rife”. And the last bullet comes at me and hits my head and then I black out.


I wake up in a hospital bed, covered in blood with stitches in my head, and an ace bandage on my knee. On the right was an IV in my arm with with the IV bag thingy completely drained. This is getting weird.


Chapter 9: Progress,


I grab the scalpel this time and make a small incision in the belt that kept me strapped in. I get out of bed in a hurry. I go into the desk and search for the gun, sure enough, I found it. I saw a letter that looked different from the one I originally found. But I disregarded it. I look in the drawer more and found my notebook. Somehow it made it's way in the desk. I decide to update it. I found a little note that


After I finished writing. I move into the hallway. I decide to make my way down the hall to where I heard the beast coming from. I see him more clearly now. He wasn’t extremely big. It looked more like a human actually. He had patchy long hair, was wearing a torn hospital gown, was very pale, and had scabs all over him. It didn't look angry but it was breathing raspy. I didn't wanna take any chances. It looked to be  I get my gun, cock it, Aim & Fire. I made direct contact with his head. He falls to the ground and I instantly felt horrible. This wasn't a beast, this was a man. If anything, I was the beast. I moved around his body and moved down the hall, I kept going till I couldn’t go anymore. I am greeted with a corner that I turn right down. I make my way all around the hospital to the point where I made it to the elevator doors. I felt this would be my chance to save Vic. I press down like the nurse did before. Sure enough, the doors open and there are the two women and Vic in his hospital bed. The man is saying what he said before. I didn’t pay attention to it because that’s what got me into trouble last time. I was waiting until Liv asked for my gun. As soon as she did. I cock it, Aim & Fire. I felt I should shoot Neveah too because I couldn’t trust her with Vic. I look at Neveah cock it, aim, but was stopped to see the fear in her eyes and can’t work up enough courage to fire. I just grab Vic’s bed and wheel him out. “Where are you taking me” he says in fear, “and why did you kill that woman?”

“I’m taking you to safety and I killed that woman because she was going to kill you? Do you have any idea who she is?”

“I have no idea who anyone is. I am greeted with new faces everyday. I get wheeled around from place to place without the slightest knowledge of where I’m going.”

“Do you recall how you got here?”

“No sir. Last thing i recall doing was wishing that I can see what a fantasy world is like.”

“That’s the last thing I remember too”

We go for a long time without talking. Eventually after wandering the hospital blindly we come to a room with a sign besides the door that says

“Control station



Chapter 10: Perception,


We enter the control room.We see a man standing over a control panel. There looked to be at least 40 to 50 monitors stacked up that view the entire hospital. Without thinking I look at the man, cock the gun, Aim, & Fire. As soon as I fired the shot, Vic flinched. And watched in horror as the man slowly died on the floor. I maneuver around his body and search around for  anything. Vic says, “Hey. look...LOOK!!!”

I look on the screen and there’s an image of me laying in my bed. I look over next to my image and I see Vic sleeping too. As a matter of fact, in all monitors, there were people sleeping. There looked to be 30 people in total with 6 cameras with labels running across the screen. All of them seemed to be being streamed live from a camera feeding to the hospital, without them knowing. One was a women that looked like Connie, it said under her image:

Melinda [Coincidence/ con artist

ID: Connie Deec, Coincidence] Under Connie was Ruffes, his label said:

Thomas [Torturer.

ID: Ruffes, Suffer].

Next to him was a woman who looked like Liv. It said:

Sarah [Dream Crusher.

ID: Liv. E, evil/live]

There was Neveah but she didn't have a name or a label.

Then there was the man in the control room:

James [safety, sanity, love

ID: Fase, safe] There was Vic but all that was on the label was: [Victim].

The last person was a woman who I didn't notice. But it's label was:

Mommy [Vision, abused by Ruffes. All bark, no bite.

ID: Novisi]

I looked to find a camera with Mia but there seemed to be none. I think I figured it out. I'll get to it in a bit.


Chapter 11: Understanding


I check the other monitors and I see the cameras of the hospital. Each camera has a different date and time on the timestamp.

The room we were in had the 11/13/22 as the date, the elevator had the date 12/22/92 a camera with a strand of hair over the camera. There was no date on the camera. All it said where the date was supposed to be is “unrecognized date, location, & time”.  The camera pans around the room and the hair followed. The camera panned around more revealing a women face down at a hospital desk with a gunshot in her head. As soon as I got a full glimpse of it, I see a hand go in front of the camera, it looks to be struggling, pulling it in the opposite direction of the dead women, finally the hand turns to a fist that bashes and bashes at the camera till the screen went black and said “no signal”. I look over to the camera in my room then to the room I was in. The dates were 2 weeks apart. I look at the bottom and I see there are some dates and camera angles. One said, in a child’s writing, “Camera 12452: subject broke through 4th wall 11/06/09” I pop the tape in and it plays the recording of me in the room I woke up in and it plays like it's being played from my own vision. As I look to the door, I see Mia standing in the door frame. I stared at her for a long time locking eyes with her. 5 minutes pass by and I finally get out of bed and go to the cockroaches spelling out Mia Rife. This was the first time I came in. I look for a different tape.

“Camera 12452: subject breaks through 4th wall V2 11/20/09” and it plays, once again, in my vision. It shows everything but me discovering my notebook. I watched to where I left the room and the date flickered and then changed to 12/14/22 and the lights went off and when they turned back on, the room was in great condition, the walls were repainted, no scratch marks or blood on the wall. I look to the bed and there’s some young girl in there who appeared to have cut marks on her arms, a bullet wound in her head, and an ace bandage on her knee. I see two doctors walk in and she immediately panics. Tears streaming down her face and her screaming “Not me! Not m-” then the sound cut out. She cowers in fear pushed against the wall. The men inject a needle into one eye. She slows down. One more in the other eye. She falls forward only to be caught in one of the men’s arms. The other grabs her forcefully and goes to jerk her off the bed and the tape stops. I go to look for more but I get distracted by a shiny file cabinet. I go to it and sift through all the names, casually looking for ‘R' in hopes to find Mia’s file.

Finally I find her file. It read:


“Name: Rife, Mia Louise

DOB: 11/13/06

MRN: 8675102

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’11”

SSN: 3**-4**-1***

Date admitted: 12/13/24 2:46 AM”


I stop and say to myself, “1 month before her 18th birthday”

I keep reading


“List of medications: Adderall XR 50 MG (2 morning) (ADD), Xanax  XR 20 MG(Bipolar/Depression) (Two morning, One night), Melatonin IR 30 MG (3 nighttime)  (Sleep apnea)



  • Admitted for Suicide attempt

  • Patient was tested and reported to be under the influence of marijuana, PCP, alcohol, and other hallucinogens.

  • Non-responsive

  • Reduced heart rate

  • Empty bottle of Benelyphrol found in her pocket. Possibly

  • Slow but heavy breathing

  • Impaired vision

  • Bullet wound in side of head (treatable)

  • Cut in left knee

  • Rambling incoherently about her fantasy coming true.

  • Suicide note found (enclosed below)

I stopped reading and looked at the letter:


“Dad, I’m writing this just to you because you failed as a parent. Time after time, you would call me a fuck-up and claim that I wrecked you and mommy’s marriage. No, YOU ruined it, you & mommy loved each other. But you were never happy. You were never actually meant to be with each other. Now she's with Thomas who abuses her. Mom may have a rough exterior, but deep down, she has a soft side and is all bark and no bite. Well this fuck-up will be gone for good and you won’t have to deal with her anymore. I’m over being your punching bag. I’m over everything. You say I know no difference between fantasy and reality. No, I know there’s a difference but I chose to live in fantasy just because it keeps me sane. Reality drives me INsane and I desperately want to be gone from reality. I keep myself from being stuck in a world where I hate it in. I live in my own world where everything is ruled by me and I can choose who I wanna push around. I live in my own world where I torment the SHIT out of people the way you tormented. I’m taking this gun and driving a bullet so far in my head that it’ll be impossible to dig out. I hope to meet you in MY reality. I'm tired of meeting someone, love turns to hate, and the one

person who brought me life, brought me death. I'm leaving you Until then, it’s been nice knowing you. Don’t write back, Mia”


I feel a tear drip down my eye because I related to this girl. But there was no time to get hung up in it.

I look over to Vic who’s sleeping. “VIC!!! Wake up you old bastard. I figured out what’s going on.”

Vic wakes up

“w-huh-what? “

“We’re stuck in a girl’s world where she torments us. Everything is so messed up and backwards because she’s doing everything the opposite of how her dad wants her to, or in such a way that’s completely messed up and confusing that in, no way, is how her father wanted her to do it. It may be confusing, but to her it makes sense. That’s the difference between Reality & Fantasy. You can have things your way in your order. It can get chaotic and hectic but in the end, it makes sense to you.”

Vic looks at me with sadness, “I have a confession to make.”


“I am Mia’s father.”


“She remade me into someone who didn’t have a completely jumbled up name such as hers. She made me the victim of her twisted, dark, fantasy. The poor thing is is that you have a chance to get out because you’ve been gifted the power of movement, sanity, & knowledge. Mia has such an amazing gift to where she can trap anybody she wants into her fantasy world, such as they wish to experience reality.”

“Is there a way to escape?”

“Not that I know of”

I look onto the monitors and see Mia moving her way towards the room we were in.


Chapter 12: Reality!!


I look onto the monitors and see that she’s coming closer. I looked on the side of the file cabinet to see a notice that says, “Do NOT harm records” I realized that that if I destroyed the records, then it would set some people free. Because without there being a record, there’s no way to tell if there was a record to begin with. This theory might possibly work. I looked for Vic’s file. I grab it. I look over to the monitors to see that she just got off the elevator.

I look to Vic

“Vic. I’m gonna set you free. I’m ripping this file up. I’m saving you so you don’t have to be stuck in this hospital. Maybe you can get back to reality and make things right with your daughter.”

“Thank you. I will do right by her from this point on.”

I rip the file up and I see him vanish into thin air. I look on the TV to see him waking up. I had to set all of these people free. I had to be quick about it too. I put the gun up to the very top of the file cabinet. Cocked it, and just as I was about to aim & fire, Mia walks in. I rush over to her file and l go to rip it up and she shrieks


I say “why shouldn't I? you've been trapping people here. Don't you wanna experience reality?”

“More than anything. But then again. I like being in control”

“I'll bring you back. You can make things right with your father”

“I wanna stay here with Novisi. She kept me safe. I want to see if she can be saved by Fase before Ruffes kills her”

“Novisi is...” I feel myself losing air in my lungs and I gasp as I soon begin to tear up.

“Novisi is dead, Mia.”

She drops to the floor.


She begins to cry and I begin to cry heavier

“Novisi is dead and so is Fase”

“Why would you do that?”

“I had to save these people. And I’ll save you too Mia. Don’t you want to be happy

“Just do it. Fantasy is over. I no longer have vision and am no longer safe”

I go to rip the file.

I rip it and she screams, then vanishes into thin air.

I go to the file cabinet, and then realize things are starting to disappear. I see the control panel disappear, then I see Vic’s hospital bed disappear. I realize that her fantasy was what was holding everything together. It may not have made sense and things could’ve been completely screwed up. But in her eyes, in her perspective, she was happy and finally normal. Each name meant or was related to what was in the letters, her vision, Novisi, was suffering, by Ruffes. Fase kept control of everything, he was what was keeping her SAFE, Vic Tim was the victim of Liv. E which could mean evil or live. Maybe she was living to be evil. It’s all how Mia perceived it. Mia was trapped in this world, given no name or identity, she was the ruler, she was god, but almost nobody knew she existed. All she had left was a gun with five bullets. A gun to...Aim & Fire....It all made sense, Mia Rife translates to Aim Fire if you put the letters together in a certain order. Her soul purpose was to Aim & Fire. but she was innocent and couldn’t completely do it. So she did it to herself. Until she found me, she put me in situations she was too weak to face. She Conned me by Coincidence. Like Connie Deec translates to coincidence if you put the letters in a certain order. Connie had a soft exterior, but a rough interior, she used her sweetness and innocence to CON people into doing things. I end my inner monologue short when I realize that if I don’t get these files destroyed, then these people will be stuck in a world of nothing. Not even a girl/teen/woman’s twisted fantasy. They’ll be in nothing.. I go to the file cabinet, take out my file, which was the only file that didn’t have a name. I put on the floor beside me. I press my gun over the file cabinet, aim & fire. I am now left with my file. I open it up and I go to look inside...



Police report:

CASE # 2015768

Last updated: 12/17/33

Summary: The front of his notebook had Travis Moore written on it. Travis’s belongings were found on the side of I-95 Interstate but the whereabouts of Travis are unknown.  The people of the records that were destroyed were nowhere to be seen. These diaries were recovered by Connecticut PD and the case will remain under investigation until the 30 individuals are found.

Samples found:

  • Notebook with some/several pages missing

  • Gun with one bullet left

  • Many torn files one by the name of subject 2. Subject 1 was not found.

  • Hospital gown covered in red substance identified as blood. DNA samples from blood show no sign of who it is

  • VHS Tape (Unplayable) labeled “Camera 12452(2): Subject interprets perspective”

  • Letters to a girl named Mia Rife

  • Badly burnt duffel bag that held letters along

  • Poem torn from notebook:

“‘her eyes never still -
trace smooth arcs over the scene,
observe everything’ I'm sorry Mia”




If you have information about the disappearance of Travis Moore or any of the other 30 individuals:

Please contact this number:

(203) 555-6781

Or contact the email we have set up for this case

We can be reached at this adress:


32 Lee St

Apt 4A

New Haven, Connecticut



Read more at:  


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