Breaking In Size Tens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Any and all of my spoken word performances, at this point, are opened up with this piece. This is basically an into to everything else. It brings the reader/listener down to my level and helps you
understand just how intense this will get for me, and maybe this is also a warning to the reader/listener that it may get just as intense for them

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



Watch the YouTube video for this here:


Breaking In Size Tens


I suggest that you opt to go bare-foot if the only shoes available are mine.

If you insist, I will lend them to you, though heed this warning to what you will find.

Wear my shoes and brace yourself for new-to-you experiences seen through my eyes.

Prepare to accept that your new sensitive heart is not capable of lies.


You'll feel a strange need to voluntarily make yourself suffer, and my suggestion to you is to do it.

In my shoes, destruction makes room for new life, so why not pursue it?

Doing this also releases that pressure in your chest; hearts of passion run risk of implode.

Respond when your body is telling you "Create, you idiot! Or you will explode!".


Don't forget, while you're in my shoes you're alone,  and no one can relate.

Not one person is capable of comprehending what you're feeling, and you don't want the attention that that can create.

So get used to writing it out; filling entire notebooks like an emotional flood.

Your pen becomes your heart's extention, an appendage, the ink is now your blood.


Random obscurities stick out more, thoughts will disturb and drive you crazy.

Everything comes on sharp and vivid, canceling out anything seeming hazy.

Thoughts will come to quick for you to process, and it isn't possible to keep up.

So just do your best to sort through the mess, learn to decompress as you get beat up.


Your heart continues to lose blood the entire time as it exploits anything you're capable of feeling.

Your brain complies to a code, makes neutralizing efforts, perpetual motion, mind reeling.

Indeed, every moment of survival is an eternity of struggle for the cold soul who fills my shoes.

An endless endurance run as you carry an overloaded bleeding heart without amuse.

You can try to keep a reasonable pace, weighed down by a heart several sizes too large.

If stop to catch your breath, your heart may escape your chest and continue without you in one violent "charge!"


A rock in the shoe. By definition, psychopaths feel nothing. Without my shoes this is true

But whoever puts my shoes on, life is rocked, even for those with the emotional capacity of a shoe.

So take my shoes and ride the storm if you wish, now that you know there is no smooth sailing on this cruise.

With nothing to gain, save for suffering, and with only your mind to lose.

© Copyright 2020 JamesHasSpokenWords. All rights reserved.

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